The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 5 Recap: Treehouse of Horror XXXIV

In this amazing 35th season of “The Simpsons,” we explore the spooky delights of “Treehouse of Horror XXXIV,” and it promises to be a spooktacular adventure through the world. This season of the venerable animated sitcom is no different from previous ones as it captivates viewers with its yearly Halloween special. Rob Oliver directed the episode, which Jeff Westbrook, Jessica Conrad, and Dan Vebber wrote. Here’s a detailed synopsis of Season 35, Episode 5, “Treehouse of Horror XXXIV.”

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The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 5 Recap

The 35th season of “The Simpsons” is full of inventiveness and fun, especially in the yearly Halloween special “Treehouse of Horror XXXIV.”  The episode is broken up into three parts, each having a distinct and darkly funny twist: The opening section ridicules blockchain and NFTs. It pokes fun at the fast-changing tech environment and FOMO. The segment’s inventiveSnowpiercer spoof enhances entertainment.  In “Ei8ht,” the narrative takes a terrifying turn as it explores Lisa Simpson’s mind when she looks into the murder of a serial killer.  Lastly, “Lout Break” offers a funny perspective on pandemic films, where the entire town transforms into a replica of Homer.

“Wild Barts Can’t Be Token”

At the Art Museum of Springfield, where the episode opens, Mayor Quimby announces that traditional art will be replaced with digital NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and that the museum is closing. Strangely enough, Bart and Homer Simpson break into the museum to convert their well-known sailboat picture into a non-fiction traveler. But Bart’s hasty choice to plunge into the scanning apparatus causes his digital demise.

Marge takes the lead as she sets out on a mission to save Bart—now an NFT—who is imprisoned within the blockchain. Celebrity cameos include Kylie Jenner, Ron Gronkowski, and Jimmy Fallon. The plot twist occurs when Marge joins the “Block Train” and enters the blockchain. In this episode, the train is driven by FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), a smart parody of the movie “Snowpiercer”. Marge’s goal as an NFT is to gain value, and one way she does this is by getting rid of the other nearly useless non-fungible tokens.

Mr. Burns makes an astounding offer of $100 million for Bart’s NFT in the real world. This segment’s humor really pops as it discusses how technology is always evolving and how people worry about missing out on the newest developments in the industry. As the episode comes to a close, Homer decides to sell himself to Mr. Burns, which has an unexpected but funny result for the NFT craze.


Taking a different tack, the second portion opens with a flashback to the fifth-season episode “Cape Feare.” In this turn of events, Sideshow Bob kills Bart on the notorious boat. After that, the narrative fast-forwards thirty years to a time when Lisa Simpson teaches criminal psychology at Springfield University. She becomes sucked into a complicated case of serial killers that parodies well-known crime dramas like “Saw,” “The Silence of the Lambs,” and “Se7en.”

The murderer leaves graphic notes written in the victim’s intestines, laying the groundwork for a sinister and exciting inquiry. Adult incarnations of Rod Flanders and Martin Prince are among the victims. Lisa turns to none other than the imprisoned Sideshow Bob for assistance, transforming the segment into a team effort a la Hannibal Lecter.

As the narrative progresses, Lisa finds a startling pattern linking each victim, which leads to a startling disclosure regarding the killer’s real identity. The suspense and dark comedy in this scene are expertly combined, making it one of the best in “Treehouse of Horror XXXIV.”

“Lout Break”

Of the three, the last one is perhaps the funniest. It parodies viral-pandemic movies, evoking memories of movies such as “Outbreak.” Eating a tainted donut at work seems like an innocent way to start Homer’s trip. He had no idea that this innocuous deed will set off an odd and humorous series of events.

The whole town begins to take on characteristics of Homer as he inadvertently becomes the cause of an odd sickness. As Springfield’s residents, regardless of age, race, or catchphrase, all fall victim to the strange ailment, the hilarity is flowing freely. The piece is a deft criticism of the “Nanny State” and the effects of tampering with genetics.

The Simpson children set off on a mission to track down the real Homer. Along the way, they stop at Moe’s Tavern, where they learn a shocking truth about the altered town. The audience is kept interested throughout by the humorous and unexpected turns of the plot. With a humorous sing-along that highlights the ridiculousness of a world where everyone thinks like Homer, the episode closes on a high note.

The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 5: Ending

Each of the three parts of “Treehouse of Horror XXXIV” has a gratifying finish at the film’s conclusion. The NFT mania ends abruptly in “Wild Barts Can’t Be Token,” burying the Block Train under a snowdrift. The hilarious trip that Homer takes from pitching himself as an NFT to living in a “me-topia” highlights how ephemeral IT trends are.

When Lisa realizes that she has been the serial killer all along, driven by another personality, the episode “Ei8ht” takes a sinister turn. This story’s twist emphasizes the depths of the human psyche and the extent people would go to exact revenge.

The last scene, “Lout Break,” features a humorous sing-along and a world in which everyone has taken on the appearance of Homer. This scenario’s ridiculousness offers a remark on conformity and the results of attempting to construct an ideal society.  We hope you found this analysis and synopsis of “The Simpsons‘” most recent Halloween special enjoyable. As the show continues in its 35th season, stay tuned for more adventures with your favorite Springfield locals. Remember, in the bizarre world of “The Simpsons,” there’s always something new to discover around every turn.

The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 5: Treehouse of Horror and Kylie Jenner

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