Watch The First Look ‘The Serpent’ Trailer | Stars Tahar Rahim as Charles Sobhraj

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Netflix recently dropped the first trailer of the eight-episode series The Serpent, inspired by real events. The story is about “Asia’s most Notorious killerCharles Sobhraj, who is portrayed by Golden Globe nominee Tahar Rahim Rahim. Jenna Coleman plays Sobhraj’s girlfriend Marie-Andrei Lecler.

Inspired by real events, The Serpent reveals the story of serial conman Charles Sobhraj and the remarkable attempts to bring him to justice.


Watch The Serpent (2021) trailer below

The story follows a serial commoner who worked as a gem trader and in the 1970s with his girlfriend Mary-Andrey Lecler (played in the series by Jenna Coleman). Traveled East Asia, the so-called “hippie trail.” The two together became the main suspects in the series of murders of Western travelers.

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The Serpent series also features Billy Hawley as Dutch diplomat Herman Nippenberg; Eli Bumbert as Angela Nippenberg, wife of Harmon; Amesh Edivera as Ajay Chaudhary; and Tim McNearnery as Paul Simmons.

“The Serpent”, a co-production between BBC One and Netflix which will air on 2 April. (Netflix)

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Taher Rahim said he loved jewelry and fashion. It was even fancier, presenting himself as more of a model on the Fashion Week runway than a serial killer during his slaughterhouse in the 1970s. Vanity fair added.

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