[Season Finale] The Serpent Queen Episode 8 Recap Ending Explained!

The Serpent -- Queen -Episode- 8 recap--

The Serpent Queen on Starz tells the tale of Catherine de Medici’s ascent. Her struggle to live in the French court as a young Italian girl is the primary subject of the first season. This show shows how good and bad plotters are. Thankfully, Rahima finally narrates an episode. In the last episode, Catherine eventually takes action to seize control of France after much plotting and killing. In this episode, we knew Rahima was involved in Catherine’s plan to prevent the Queen of Scots Mary (Antonia Clarke) from regaining the throne, but we didn’t know how. While Catherine unexpectedly stabs Montmorency (Barry Atsma). Antoine’s younger brother Louis is executed for treason ??? Really!  For a detailed explanation of everything that happened in The Serpent Queen Episode 8 Recap continue reading at tvacute.com.

The Serpent Queen Episode 8 Recap “A Queen is Made”

The Serpent -- Queen -Episode- 8 recap--

Catherine’s new maid Rahima (Sennia Nanua) is ambushed by Cosimo Ruggeri (Enzo Cilenti ) in the present as she searches his camp for a fake Elizabeth I’s seal. Rahima takes over the storytelling when Catherine, who is still at Chenonceau, asks whether Rahima wants to know how her tale ends. In the recent past, as the Bourbon princes flee, Catherine starts to regret the kidnapping plot and declares an attack on the monarch. Montmorency and the Bourbons lose surprise, and everything goes wrong. Following the Bourbons on horseback, Catherine and Montmorency meet the elder son of Charles de Bourbon, Antoine de Bourbon (Nicholas Burns ). While Catherine unexpectedly stabs Montmorency and instructs Antoine (the regent) to flee. Catherine often does something that kills or near-kills someone but soon regrets it. Now one of the Guises is also present. He learns from Catherine that Antoine stabbed Montmorency before fleeing. It takes a while before it becomes evident why she wants Antoine to be alive. Because of scheming.

The Serpent -- Queen -Episode- 8 recap--

Francis is currently dying, the Guises are competing for leadership, and the Bourbons are imprisoned with Louis (Danny Kirrane) and Antoine hidden. Louis is apprehended by the Duke of Guise and given a death sentence for treason. . As the court physician announces that Francis II is succumbing to consumption, a grieving Mary swears an especially vile form of retaliation. As a throwback to a time of stability, the Guises want to appoint a recovering Montmorency as puppet regent. They require a regent since, although Francis’s brother Charles is the next in line, he is only about 9 years old. Antoine has been designated as Charles’ regent, but he is both hiding and in serious danger for attempting to kidnap the monarch. They still want Antoine’s approval before installing a new regent despite the kidnapping incident.

Montmorency is wanted as a regent by the Guises. Since he can reveal that Catherine was behind the scheme to kidnap Francis, she tries to convince Catherine’s dwarf maid Mathilde (Kiruna Stamell ) to kill him because she is shocked he is still alive. Mathilde objects, but when Catherine threatens to evict her if she doesn’t, Mathilde sets out to kill Montmorency while wearing a nun’s habit. She identifies herself as Sister Grace of the Sacred Order of the Diminutives when approached by a guard. You think I’d make that up, Mathilde responds when he asks if she’s joking. She stabs Montmorency, but he changes the situation, grabs the knife, and promises she can survive if she gets him out of there. Catherine demands Antoine to sign a contract ceding his regency at the farmhouse or Louis will be killed. Antoine calls her bluff, saying he has no knowledge if Louis is imprisoned. Catherine leaves frustrated to change her plan, stopping at Ruggieri for an opiate to help/kill Francis, who is in pain! Catherine tricks Mary into cutting off Louis’s finger, which she shows Antoine as proof of his imprisonment. She threatens to cut more if he doesn’t designate her regent.

The Serpent - Queen -Episode- 8 recap

Catherine, however, prods Mary into asking for the regency for herself, which Francis II emotionally rejects. But Montmorency changes the plan and tells Catherine she’s the only one who can save France from “any of these fucking morons” and has Antoine sign the regent paper. Near! She just needs her dying son to co-sign. But Montmorency changes the plan and tells Catherine she’s the only one who can save France from “any of these fucking morons” and has Antoine sign the regent paper. Near! She just needs her dying son to co-sign.

The Serpent -- Queen -Episode- 8 recap

At Francis’s deathbed, Catherine gives him an opiate that would kill him and wants him to sign a document that will give her power. Samantha Morton does a fantastic job of showing Catherine’s love for her son. Prior to Ruggieri’s deathbed approval of Catherine’s regency, Catherine sells her relieved son morphine. Louis’s head is almost severed, but unlike another Louis in the future, he is saved just in time. Just as Catherine is declared to be in charge, Louis is granted a pardon.

The Serpent Queen Episode 8 Recap Ending Explained!

The Serpent - Queen -Episode- 8 recap

Rahima makes a note of the step the Chenonceau court made to better keep track of Catherine’s adversaries in the present and the need for Rahima to assist Mary in tricking her into returning to Scotland, where she is not welcome as a danger to Elizabeth I’s power. For her allegiance, Rahima expects a title and some land. Antoinette Guise foresees her children being used as scapegoats for Mary’s missteps, Diane declares her need for Catherine to hold onto power at Charles IX’s coronation, the Bourbons plot revenge while remaining irreplaceable, and Montmorency declares his loyalty will only last as long as his loved ones are safe.  As Catherine’s son Charles gets about to be proclaimed king, Mary arrives in Scotland and learns she has been played for a very embarrassing joke. The scene is set for season two with everyone present. The Guises are secretly furious; the Bourbons promise vengeance but will acquiesce in the interim; Catherine’s estranged entourage attends but very likely no longer wants anything to do with her. But Who is actually wearing the throne? Serpent Queen, our. Rahima warns us, “Trust no one.”


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