The Serpent Queen Episode 8 [Season Finale] “A Queen is Made”

The Serpent Queen Episode 8

In The Serpent Queen Episode 7, Mary meets Rahima to give her side of the tale and prove Catherine’s involvement in the black powers. Henri, impaled during the joust, dies in Diane’s arms. Catherine exiles her. Charles V flirts with Catherine during the funeral. Rahima flatters Mary and offers to find Elizabeth I’s letter in Catherine’s room. Rahima and Catherine reconcile. (read the recap here)   What will happen next? ( We’ll have to move on in order to see this. Here you’ll find a trailer for The Serpent Queen Episode 8 as well as a summary.

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The Serpent Queen Episode 8 Spoilers

The bizarre historical drama, which was just recently renewed for a second season, comes to an explosive conclusion at the end of its first season with a failed attempt to kidnap King Francis (Colm Meaney), which compels Catherine de’ Medici (Samantha Morton) to come up with a new strategy to seize control of France. The finale episode is titled “A Queen is Made,” which is undoubtedly suggestive in and of itself; nevertheless if you want more information about what to expect, you can read the complete episode summary for the first season of The Serpent Queen below:

The Serpent Queen Episode 8 Synopsis:  The planned kidnapping of King Francis goes awry but Catherine devises a new plan to allow her control of the country.

The Serpent Queen Episode 8 Preview

The Serpent Queen Episode 8 (Season Finale) Release Date

The eighth episode titled “A Queen is Made,” of The Serpent Queen is slated for release on October 30, 2022. Starz subscribers will get access to the whole first season. Click the link to sign up for the Starz streaming subscription.

Will there be any other streaming services that provide The Serpent Queen?

The Serpent Queen, which was made by Lionsgate Television and 3 Arts Entertainment, will supposedly exclusively air on Starz. No information has been released about the show’s availability on other (VOD) video-on-demand services to date. On the review site Rotten Tomatoes, 11 reviews from critics have received an overall approval rating of 100% and a 7.9/10 scale.

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