The Serpent Queen Episode 5 Recap: “The First Regency”

The Serpent Queen _ Ep 5

The fifth episode of the American historical period drama TV miniseries The Serpent Queen, which centers on the life of Catherine de’ Medici, is titled as such. The miniseries was produced by Justin Haythe and is based on Leonie Frieda’s nonfiction book Catherine de Medici: Renaissance Queen of France, published in 2004. In episode 4, Fast-forward fifteen years, nine kids, and Catherine and Henri are mourning the loss of a newborn boy. Catherine passionately attempts to win her husband’s favor. Henry’s father, King Francis, dies. Before dying, he ensures Catherine a position on Henry’s privy council. Catherine’s newfound political standing won’t be enough to eliminate Diane. The Serpent Queen episode 5 is a bit of a puzzling piece itself and is titled “The First Regency.” That is probably meant to represent Catherine’s ongoing ups and downs in terms of her fortunes. Which generally results in a worrisome experience for anyone who has been following this series intently. The main focus of the episode is the struggle for dominance between Catherine and her cousin Denise under Henri’s leadership. For a detailed explanation of everything that happened in The Serpent Queen Episode 5 Recap continue reading at

The Serpent Queen Episode 5 Recap

When King Henri leaves to command an army to protect France, Catherine is given control as Regent, giving her the chance to exercise her abilities even more.  Rahima is asked by Catherine to look through Mary’s room for a letter. Catherine begs Rahima to think about examining Mary’s apartments because she believes that the letter she received indicates that Mary and her cousin Elizabeth I are planning an attack on her. Catherine remembers that before Henri appointed her regent in advance of his expedition against the Holy Roman Emperor, she was technically the monarch. When Catherine requests a meeting of the Privy Council, neither the Guises nor the Bourbons heed her. She makes a brilliant pitch to the Protestants for military assistance, promising them tolerance and a chance to personally address their complaints with the monarch; Pierre Marques steps up to confirm support.

After declining Diane’s request to ride into battle, Henri returns triumphant. Diane is looking for beauty, and with Angelica’s assistance, she will succeed. Angelica becomes even more enthralled with Diane and gives her more gold solutions than is prudent. The Guises plan to gain control through Mary, their niece. In appreciation for Catherine Chenonceau’s wise leadership, Henri gives her a gift. Montmorency approaches Ruggieri, disheveled and inebriated, and requests his riches. Before Diane abruptly slices his throat, Marques upsets the court with his prophetic prophecy that commoners would topple the ruling class. In place of Chaumont, Diane chooses Chenonceau. Rahima consents to the search in the present as Catherine and Mary wander. Rahima is caught in the act by Lady Mary Clare, who has fetched a shawl.

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