The Serpent Queen Episode 7 Recap “An Attack on the King”

The Serpent Queen Episode 7 Recap

The Serpent Queen is the most recent outdated historical drama to utilize the past to explain modern gender dynamics. The title of the show is praise to Catherine de Medici, who slithers around to avoid betrayal and triumph over the disappointment, rather than a criticism of her. In the nonfiction book Catherine de Medici: Renaissance Queen of France which was published in 2004, Justin Haythe developed the television series. Samantha Morton‘s portrayal of Catherine, the Queen of France in the 16th century. In The Serpent Queen Episode 6 “The Last Joust,” Catherine de’ Medici (Samantha Morton) experiences tragedy, but was this disaster planned by her? Since the first episode of the Starz historical drama, we have known that Catherine is madly in love with her husband Henry (Lee Ingleby). But Ludivine Sagnier’s portrayal of Diane de Poitier stands in their way.  For a detailed explanation of everything that happened in The Serpent Queen Episode 7 Recap continue reading at

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The Serpent Queen Episode 7 Recap

Catherine has a vision of Henry dying while wearing her green favorite during a joust in the opening scene of The Serpent Queen Episode 6. By the end of the episode, Catherine implores Henry to participate in jousting while wearing her colors for their son’s wedding festivities. The wedding is attended by Charles V, the King of Spain and Holy Roman Emperor. She ultimately finds Ruggeri and tells him about her dream in which Diane and Henri are killed because she wants to get rid of Diane once and for all. Henri is persuaded to engage in a joust by Catherine, who thinks that his sacrifice will be worthwhile in dispelling Diane’s power. She suddenly changes her mind, but Henri goes through with it and is killed. It becomes apparent that Catherine is coercing her maid into taking a certain action when she refuses to free Rahima from prison in the present.

In episode 7, Mary goes to Rahima to explain what happened in an effort to persuade the maid to take her side and gather proof of Catherine’s participation in black magic. Henri is impaled in the past during the joust and passes away while being held by a doubting Diane. She is denied access to Henri’s deathbed and expelled from the court by Catherine. At the funeral, Charles V makes love to Catherine while reiterating Mary’s ardent desire to unify a Catholic Europe.  The night before a decree making Protestantism illegal takes effect, Antoinette and Antoine share one last fling, leading to the Bourbons’ deportation and a wave of executions. At a covert Protestant service, Catherine runs into Montmorency and begs him to talk sense into Francis II. To portray the Protestants as patriots, Catherine and the Bourbons plan to kidnap Francis II and eventually return him. Rahima befriends Mary in the present and gets her to agree to look around Catherine’s quarters for the letter from Elizabeth I. Catherine and Rahima makeup.

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