The Serpent Queen Episode 1 Release Date, Plot and Trailer

A new Starz series Justin Haythe is based on the Renaissance era and one fearsome female monarch who lived during it. The nonfiction book Catherine de Medici: Renaissance Queen of France by Swedish author Leonie Frieda served as a major inspiration for The Serpent QueenThe historical drama will include eight episodes. The pilot episode and a few more are directed by Jewish American director Stacie Passon. Everything (tvacute. com) we know about the upcoming series, including the famous cast and the historical events that served as inspiration, is summarised here.

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The Serpent Queen Episode 1 Release Date

 Where can I watch the Serpent Queen? – The first episode titled “Medici Bitch” of The Serpent Queen is slated for release on September 11, 2022. Starz subscribers will get access to the whole first season. Click the link to sign up for the Starz streaming subscription.

Will there be any other streaming services that provide The Serpent Queen?

The Serpent Queen, which was made by Lionsgate Television and 3 Arts Entertainment, will supposedly exclusively air on Starz. No information has been released about the show’s availability on other (VOD) video-on-demand services to date. On the review site Rotten Tomatoes, 11 reviews from critics have received an overall approval rating of 100% and a 7.9/10 scale.

The Serpent Queen’s Plot

The Serpent Queen reimagines Catherine de’ Medici’s reign. The series is based on Frieda’s biography of the ruler. The series will also take artistic liberties. Here’s Catherine’s rise to power. Catherine was orphaned as a baby, according to Britannica. Her uncle, the Pope, planned her 14th wedding. Catherine married Henry II in 1547. Despite Henry’s mistress, Catherine bore him children. Catherine’s firstborn son Francis II inherited the crown after Henry’s death. Catherine tried to gain power during the French Religious Wars. Calvinist Protestants, known as Huguenots, pushed for reform of the Catholic Church, endangering other political forces. Catherine de’ Medici and her son battled to maintain their monarchy control. As the monarchy passed to Charles IX and Henry, she utilized her status as queen consort to promote supporters, issue edicts, and arrange marriages. The Serpent Queen veers from historical facts to explore Catherine de’ Medici’s rumors. She was accused of witchcraft, assassinations, and the 1572 St. Bartholomew’s Massacre.

Is there the trailer for The Serpent Queen Season 1?

On July 28, 2022, The Serpent Queen’s official trailer (below) was made available on the Starz YouTube channel. The first words Catherine de’ Medici speaks, which also serves as the audience’s initial introduction to her character, are “If you don’t give your adversaries a lesson, they’ll never learn.” Viewers are given a condensed timeline of Catherine’s rise to power in the trailer. She breaks the fourth wall by talking directly to the audience and camera during the recount of her early years. She describes how, despite being a marriage of convenience arranged by the pope, she fell in love with Prince Henry. However, her joy was fleeting since she soon learned that her husband had fallen in love with someone else.

[Starz] The Serpent Queen Cast

Catherine of Medici is portrayed by Samantha Morton.
Amrita Acharia as Aabis
As Montmorency, Barry Atsma
Enzo Cilenti as Cosimo Ruggeri
As Antoine de Bourbon, Nicholas Burns
Louis de Bourbon is played by Danny Kirrane.
As Rahima, Sennia Nanua
Antoinette de Guise is played by Beth Goddard.
Mary, Queen of Scots, played by Antonia Clarke
Francis II, played by George Jaques

Other cast included, Ludivine Sagnier as Diane de Poitiers and Charles Dance as Pope Clement VII, Catherine the young played by Liv Hill, Alex Heath as Young Henri, Kiruna Stamell as Mathilde, Colm Meaney is played by King Francis. Rebecca Gethings portrays Charles de Guise while Ray Panthaki plays Queen Eleanor,  François de Guise is played by Raza Jaffrey,  Madeleine de la Tour is portrayed by Guillemette Buffet.  Francis Memet Ali Alabora played Sultan Suleiman in place of Louis Landau’s Dauphin.

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