‘The Flood’ Movie (2023) Ending, Explained! Is Rafe Dead or alive?

“The Flood” (2023) is an alligator attack movie with elements of a slasher film and a violent jailbreak drama. It is based on the well-known sequence from “Jaws” where Robert Shaw’s character is devoured by a shark. The plot revolves around four 500-pound alligators that invade the Lutree Sheriff’s Department during a hurricane.

The structure also houses a group of violent offenders who are being moved between prisons, which complicates the situation even further. The accomplices of the perpetrators try to free them, which creates a stressful situation. Alligators present a further level of risk on top of the hazard posed by human predators. Directed by  Brandon Slagle “The Flood” offers a fun combination of alligator attacks, a prison escape story, and slasher movie themes. (tvacute.com)  We have a rundown of ‘The Flood’ Movie (2023) in case you missed the exciting conclusion.

‘The Flood’ Movie (2023) Story

In the movie “The Flood” (2023), the story revolves around the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the resulting floods in Louisiana. The flooding has an impact on Sheriff Jo Newmann (Nicky Whelan)’s office as well, so she assigns Deputy Markus Pine (Jonathan Samson) the duty of managing the growing water levels. She has no idea that this is only the start of her issues. The officers operating the police vehicle, which is transporting five convicts between jails, do not want to take a chance of becoming marooned in the flood with the potentially dangerous inmates. They make a shelter request to the closest sheriff’s station in order to wait out the bad weather.

The police truck is being closely watched by a group of four criminals who have a habit of murdering police officers because one of their own is being transferred. When the truck makes a sharp turn on the way to the destination, they want to ambush it. Unexpectedly, the vehicle instead drives directly to Sheriff Jo’s office. The gang chooses to attack the office, not realizing that it is full of alligators that can eat people.

Due to the hurricane’s fury, which transported them along with the flooding, the alligators had reached the terrace of the building. Alligators that had infiltrated through chimney ducts are unknowingly released when deputy pine finds the wet basement. After the criminals are locked up, Rafe Calderon (Louis Mandylor) and his men raid the office, causing mayhem and a firefight.

One of the criminals, Russell Cody (Casper Van Dien), a lifer with little prospect of parole, is a cop killer, and Rafe’s motivation for attacking Jo’s office is to set him free. Cody and Rafe had previously collaborated, and Rafe intended to save him. Rafe believes Jo lacks the manpower to apprehend them and is unconcerned about battling the cops because of their track record of killing officers. Cody is genuinely suffering because of Rafe’s actions, and Rafe wants to set him free so he may get the stolen money Cody had buried.

The Flood Movie (2023) Ending, Explained! Is Rafe Dead or alive?

Jo’s deputies are defeated throughout the dramatic sequence of events, and Rafe’s team kills a police officer from the police truck. Jo is aware that stopping Rafe from leaving with the criminals is her main duty. She discovers Pine’s dismembered remains without being aware of his death in the flooded basement. Jo battles Rafe before the alligator’s attack and likely kills him. Rafe finally survives bouts with the alligators. The alligators carry on their deadly spree as the remaining members of Rafe’s crew are also slaughtered.

As the water level increases, Jo, Cody, and the other criminals make an attempt to flee by ascending through the air ducts. Jo learns from Cody that he was dishonorably dismissed from the military after serving. He had joined Rafe out of desperation, but after seeing Rafe’s brutal behavior, he later regretted it. Rafe magically appears to save Cody when it appears that they won’t make it past the alligators, exposing his actual purpose: to use Cody to recover the stolen money.

Jo, however, rejects Rafe’s assistance, and she sets off an explosion inside the structure that kills numerous alligators and brings about Rafe’s demise. Only Cody and Jo are still alive. In the end, Jo intends to identify Cody as one of the criminals who passed away while being held, allowing him to begin a new life as a free man. Jo accepts Cody’s explanation that he didn’t kill the police officer and shouldn’t be held accountable for Rafe’s crime. They split ways with hints of a possible deal involving the stolen money that was buried, but Jo’s persona implies that she wouldn’t use it herself.

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