The third season of Fox‘s THE CLEANING LADY ended with an exciting and gripping ending that left fans gasping for air. When Thony De La Rosa (Elodie Yung) went up against the cruel Sin Cara gang, she got caught in a web of betrayal and high-stakes danger. As the lines between friend and foe became less clear, Thony’s fight for life tested her strength and showed how smart and resilient she really was. There was a lot of stress and drama in the two-part finale “Fight or Flight” and “House of Cards”, which kept fans interested until the end.

It looks like they might finally get away from the gang after Thony helps Nadia (Eva De Dominici) fake her death. Anthony’s plan is easy to understand: he wants to get Nadia out of town, give the FBI more information, and cut ties with the gang. But things go badly when Ramona Sanchez (Kate del Castillo) runs into them. Ramona kills Nadia because she wants to finish what she started, and Thony is afraid for her life.

Ramona doesn’t kill her, which is not what Thony thought would happen. Instead, she pulls Thony deeper into the operations of the gang in order to gain her trust. As long as Anthony is playing along, he keeps giving the FBI information. When Thony finds out that Ramona wants to make her brother Jorge (Santiago Cabrera) look like the leader of Sin Cara, this dangerous double-crossing gets even worse. To try to save her brother, Thony offers him protection if he works with the FBI.

The most tense part of the finale is at a charity auction that the gang uses to get money from their partners. The company that caused the terrible working conditions that Camila and Gizelle had to deal with is also part of the auction. Camila is saved by Chris, and she then goes to help the FBI with Thony’s family.

Just as it looks like Jorge might reveal the FBI, there is a dramatic fight on the roof. Finally, Ramona is caught by federal agents because of a knife that connects her to the murder of Nadia. Jorge tells Thony that the gang will leave her alone now that Ramona is in jail. Thony is relieved for a short time, but then Derek sends her a burner phone and another job offer, which suggests that her involvement with crime may not be over.

Elodie Yung, who plays Thony, talked to Deadline about how complicated her character is and how she doesn’t know what her future holds. Thony’s fight to keep her family safe while also being involved in crime has been a recurring theme. Even though she wants to leave the darkness behind, she keeps getting drawn back in. Yung likes that Thony has flaws like everyone else, which makes her an approachable and interesting character.

Yung talked about the mental problems Thony had during the season, like how desperate he was to solve many problems at once, like finding Arman and getting Fiona back. The writers like putting Thony in tough situations so she has to think on her feet and change, which gives her more depth as a character.

Yung also talked about how much she liked working with Kate del Castillo and how she gave Ramona Sanchez more depth and subtlety. Even though Ramona is in jail now, Yung said she wanted to see her character come back and praised del Castillo’s acting and presence on set.

It was also the season when Adan Canto’s story had a sad ending. Yung talked about how losing a beloved co-star made her feel and how the show’s writers treated her with respect and care.

When Yung talked about Season 4, he was excited and thankful that the show would be continuing. She hopes that the next season will keep following Thony’s journey and keep the balance between how vulnerable she is as a person and how dangerous the world she lives in.

Finally, the Season 3 ending of THE CLEANING LADY wrapped up a lot of storylines while still leaving enough open ended ones for future episodes. Thony’s path is still unclear, as new problems and chances are about to appear. Fans are very excited to see what Season 4 has in store for her.

Watch The Cleaning Lady for more exciting drama and excitement, and come back to soon for more news, sneak peeks, and recaps of your favorite shows.

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