What happened to Heddie in The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 10? Who is Heddie?

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We must not overlook Red’s long-serving employee, who has been with him since The Blacklist season 5. In season 5 Heddie (Aida Turturro), along with Joe (episode titled “Smokey” Putnum), used to work for big carnivals as an accountant. The two of them stole $200,000 from the carnival where they were working, but Heddie was apprehended by the cops and had to make a deal to testify against Smokey in exchange for a more moderate sentence. Now again, Red’s trustworthy employee, returns in Episode 10 to check in on factory workers preparing to ship out some pirated soybeans. Yes. Soybeans that have been pirated. That is a fact. They are abruptly raided by the FBI while she is overseeing the production. Raymond was also able to solve his Heddie problem by applying what he’d learned about the Arcane Network. Let’s find out What happened to Heddie in The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 10?

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Marvin pays a visit to Heddie in prison. Heddie is capable of communicating with Red thanks to Marvin’s “hearing aid,” which turns out to be an earbud. He tells her to keep calm and assures her that he will take care of the matter. Marvin attempts to negotiate with the prosecution for Heddie’s release as her legal counsel, but the prosecutor is only willing to let her go in order to get information on Reddington. She declines right away. The prosecution makes several attempts to persuade her to reconsider her decision, including appointing new counsel because there appears to be a conflict of interest due to Marvin’s employment with Red. Marvin is concerned, and he warns Red that if Heddie is upset enough, she may testify, but Red orders Marvin to do whatever it takes to persuade the right people to let her out.

Heddie meets with her new defense attorney, who tries to persuade her to testify against Red in order to save herself. They provide her with Protective Custody and a chance to start again without Red. Heddie is at a loss on what to do. But, shock,  we learn later that the defense attorney works for Red and that Heddie declined the offer. Heddie’s loyalty relieves Red and Marvin, making Red more motivated than ever to get her out. And, despite the pandemonium caused by the Arcane Wireless predicament, he succeeds. Marvin returns to prison and chastises the prosecution for attempting to manipulate his client by providing her with new legal representation. The prosecution tries to make Marvin feel so bad about Heddie being sentenced to prison for Red’s acts, but Marvin refuses. In true Raymond Reddington form, Marvin strikes a deal with the prosecutors to clear Heddie of all accusations in exchange for Red not exposing the truth about Arcane Wireless to other criminal organizations. Of course, this succeeds, and Heddie is set free and warmly welcomed back into Red’s crew.

good thing: Heddie stayed at Red’s side. During Red’s discussion with Alonso and Clyde, it was clear how he felt about his employees and how disposable they are: “I’ve had to split ways with people in the past. I believe we’ve all done it. Peace and prosperity for all are sometimes more vital than the welfare of a single individual.” If she had selected the Witness Protection Program, it would have been catastrophic, because We all know that Red would have killed her if she did that. We are just relieved Heddie and her macaws are still alive.

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