The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 20 Recap: Was Heddie behind Liz’s death?

The Blacklist Season 9 -Episode 20-

Who Was the mastermind of Liz’s death? Haddie, Marvin, or someone else…  The identity that was revealed on The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 20. But wasn’t all that surprising. Red’s closest confidante was Dembe, but Marvin’s importance to his empire must not be overlooked. We already had an idea that Marvin, Raymond’s lawyer, could be behind this. he had that kind of access and knew exactly where all the dead were buried. Mierce has worked miracles before, with Reddington and now with her sister. Did Red get the answers to his questions? Let’s find out in  The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 20 Recap

With Mierce’s guidance, Weecha is recovering swiftly. Red is getting the cold shoulder from Mierce. Marvin walks in and sits down after introducing himself to Mierce. Marvin sends Red a statement of the bank account in question, which is a numbered account and was used for the murders of Lacroix and Reggie Cole. On that plane, Red still has many accounts. Someone accessed the accounts and utilized the funds to commit the killings. They must begin on the plane, according to Red.

The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 21: Marvin vs. Red

Red visits Dembe to discuss Caelum Bank. Dembe is persuaded by Red to send the Task Force to examine Caelum. The plan is for Raymond to force Harris Gramercy to land so that he can be interrogated. Red informs Dembe that he has to find out who had access to the account from Harris. Dembe claims that they cannot compel Harris to reveal the information. Red claims that if they get him down to earth, he will be more reasonable. Red has a strategy, but it isn’t popular. Aram informs Park that her field status has been removed due to her medical condition.

When Red meets with Harris, he informs him that he requires a favour. He has access to every account on the plane. He wants to know who the last person was that took money out of his account. Harris refuses to inform Reddington who last drew money from his account. Aram contacts the Federal Aviation Administration to request that the Caelum plane land. Ressler poses as Red’s arresting officer, with Harris acting as his accomplice. Cooper shocked Val on his way to prison by revealing that he killed Michelle Lacroix and was planning to burn the home down.

Red and Harris are imprisoned, and Red claims that he can get them out since the Governor owes him a favor. Red claims he only requires one name. When Harris Gramercy refuses to talk, Raymond gut-shoots him. Harris concedes, claiming to keep a journal. Red hands him his phone, and he dials the number to find out who accessed the account. Heddie is the name he gives up, which Reddington does not believe. Red is taken aback and declares that it isn’t Heddie.

The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 20-

Weecha pulls up alongside Red to retrieve him. In her state, he can’t believe she followed him there. Dembe summons an ambulance, and Ressler examines Harris, noting that the blood is black and that he believes it has struck his liver. Park informs Cooper that she has been demoted to a desk position as a result of her headaches, and she is angry. He says he understands her feelings and that they just need to keep working.

Ressler informs Dembe that Red intends to murder Heddie. Dembe’s warning reaches Heddie first, and they run to her Miami condo. Heddie is picked up by Dembe and Ressler, and she claims she did nothing to harm Liz. Red dials Dembe’s number, knowing he has her. Red captures Heddie when Weecha rams Ressler and Dembe’s car. In a DVD case, Park discovers a flash drive. Lawrence Knell and Angela Sherwood, both lawyers at the same firm, are two names that come up. Dembe and Aram approach them to speak with them. Harris Gramercy passes away during surgery. Claudius, the mastermind’s name, is revealed by two lawyers. Cooper summons Red, who is enraged since he nearly killed Dembe and Ressler by capturing Hedie. He also does not want him to murder Heddie. Park arrives at Reddington’s warehouse, seeking assistance. He sends her away after she had a seizure. Cooper and Aram re-examine Lacroix’s files. Weecha informs Red that Heddie is awake. Meanwhile, Aram says they need to go over LaCroix’s belongings again since, even if Park discovered something, there could be other concealed items that they missed.

Who is responsible for Liz’s death in The Blacklist?

Heddie keeps her innocence intact. Heddie admits that she was looking for other work since she felt undervalued at her current job. Marvin comes in with Mickey Croft ( Brian Dykstra), the border arms dealer. Heddie came to Mickey three years ago asking for work; she was bored of Red and showed Mickey how he cooked his books, according to Mickey. Mickey walks out of the room. Red stands up and kisses Heddie on the cheek before telling Weecha to hurry up and leave the room. Red informs Marvin that they must deal with his murder of Harris. As they leave, they hear a gunshot. Park finds Marvin in the wedding film of the Lacroix.

Marvin, Tyson’s best buddy, gives the happy couple a toast. Cooper phones Red and warns him that because Marvin and LaCroix were best friends, he must exercise caution. Heddie emerges from the cockpit on the plane, and Red declares that they will all find out why Marvin did what he did. To Red, everything makes sense; he recalls Marvin giving Liz two pills for a head and then murdering her right in front of him.

Marvin’s phone rings and he tells the operator that he doesn’t want to work for Liz. He tells Red that it is an insurance plan for him. With Mierce, Marvin has a shooter. Nobody is going to stop him from walking off the plane. May the best man win, adds Marvin, as Red bids Claudius farewell. Weecha then experiences a medical problem and passes out in the chair she is sitting in, collapsing.

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