The Bachelorette Season 20 Episode 7 Recap: Aaron’s Return (Week 7)

Tensions increase in “The Bachelorette” Season 20 Episode 7 (Week 7) as Charity approaches the end of her search for love. Charity Lawson, a family and child therapist from Columbus, Georgia, is the season’s featured character. On Season 27 of The Bachelor, starring Zach Shallcross, Lawson came in at Position Four. The episode is set on the beautiful island nation of Fiji, where Charity Lawson is left with just Dotun, Joey, and Xavier as potential suitors. While Charity struggles with her changing feelings for these three men, the emotional rollercoaster starts.  ( In case you missed the thrilling climax of The Bachelorette Season 20 Week 7, we have a recap for you.

“The Bachelorette Season 20 Finale: Charity’s Heartfelt Decision”

The Bachelorette Season 20 Episode 7 Recap [Week 7]

Charity’s Conflicted Emotions: The episode opens with Charity taking stock of her feelings. She struggles with her burgeoning feelings for her top three competitors and her ongoing grief at Aaron’s leaving. Aaron has left the race, but Charity is still troubled by his absence, which makes her second-guess her decisions. Charity sets off on a series of dates that will ultimately decide the course of her romantic adventure because her heart is torn between Dotun, Joey, and Xavier.

Xavier’s Overnight Date: Charity goes on separate overnight dates with the remaining three competitors. With A Biomedical Scientist Xavier Bonner (27) from Euclid, Ohio there is a first date. On a secluded island, they take part in a Fijian wedding ceremony. On a secluded island, they take part in a Fijian wedding ceremony. Xavier makes an awful metaphor about Charity being a fragile flower he doesn’t want to crush during the wedding. When Charity refuses to open the Fantasy Suite card and Xavier insists that they spend the night together before he can propose, they come to a deadlock. Xavier is sent home by Charity, who says she’s not there to “fix” anyone.

A Startling Discovery: During a dinner date, Xavier is forced to face his reservations and secrets. He horrifies Charity by disclosing a horrible fact about his earlier adultery. Xavier confesses to having been unfaithful in a previous relationship later, over dinner. She grows furious and queries him for more information. Charity is in shock following Xavier’s revelation because she has a history of suffering because of adultery. Charity accepts Xavier’s explanation despite her initial disbelief, but the harm has already been done. When Charity refuses to open the Fantasy Suite card and Xavier insists that they spend the night together before he can propose, they come to a deadlock. Xavier is sent home by Charity, who says she’s not there to “fix” anyone. Aaron’s departure is still bothering him at home, which prompts an unexpected choice to reenter the race.

Joey’s Overnight Date: A Tennis Pro Joey Graziadei (27) from Koloa, Hawaii is up next for an overnight date, in Joey’s own words. He answers Charity’s questions about his sincerity after their awkward hometown date. They connect through an ATV trip, but Joey acknowledges that having his uncle there put pressure on them on their first date. In the Fantasy Suite, they spend the night together. They talk about how he behaved on their hometown date and work out their problems. They develop a stronger bond through their open discussion and declare their love for one another.

Dotun’s Charming Date: An Integrative Medicine Specialist, Dotun Olubeko (30) from Fresno, California, and Charity go on a date, and there is evident chemistry between them. They discuss their emotions while they picnic with champagne having fun jet skiing. Dotun admits to Charity that he was unaware that getting engaged was a requirement for the program, but he’s open to it. Charity is won away by Dotun’s sincerity and openness, and they exchange passionate love declarations. They spend the night together in the Fantasy Suite after confessing their love for one another.

The Bachelorette Season 20 week 7-

Aaron’s Sudden Return: Just as Charity thinks she’s made up her mind, Software Salesman Aaron Bryant (29) suddenly makes a surprise trip back to Fiji. He confesses to Charity that he can’t stop thinking about her and that he thinks she may have erred by sending him home. Their tender exchange rekindles their bond, leaving Charity unsure of how she feels. Charity acknowledges that she was falling in love with Aaron despite the difficulties.

The Final Decision: As the episode comes to a close, Charity must make a difficult choice. She struggles to choose between Dotun, Joey, Xavier, and Aaron. The teaser for the impending finale alludes to Charity’s decision-making challenges as her emotional upheaval reaches a breaking point. If she will find her happy ending in this dramatic and emotional season, her ambivalence results in tears and doubt. In “The Bachelorette” Season 20 Episode 7, Charity’s journey takes unforeseen turns as she works through challenging choices and complicated emotions that will determine how her search for love turns out.

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