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Jake Embert Murder – Jake Embert’s sudden and shocking suicide left his friends and family shocked, struggling to comprehend why someone so bright and charismatic would choose this path. Lifetime’s series “Meet, Marry, Murder,” season 1, episode 4 entitled “Love Sick,” explores this perplexing crime in depth while providing valuable insights into its subsequent investigation. For anyone curious about uncovering who committed the murder themselves, further investigation would likely provide invaluable knowledge of who is behind this case – especially given that much remains unanswered regarding potential perpetrator identities!

Jake Embert Murder Story Plot

William B. “Jake” Embert grew up surrounded by five sisters: Joyce Tims, Barbara MacDowell, Bonnie Rodriquez, Yvonne Magnus and Carlene Humphreys – making him the only male member in his family. Born May 12, 1961, in Wilmington, Delaware, to Hazel Bernard and LaSelda June Faye Nelson Embert, who had since passed on, Jake eventually enlisted in the Army and finally settled down in Albany, Georgia, where he served for over two decades at Marine Corps Logistics Base Marine Base MCLB Marine Base where Jake eventually retired after serving two decades their enlistment in 1999 he established himself at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany Georgia where he spent over twenty years serving Marine Corps Logistics Base as Logistics Base Coordinator before leaving Albany Georgia where he later retired after retiring after serving enlisted.

Jake met and married Betty during this period and gave birth to Rachel and Jake Embert Jr. before divorcing her after several years. Renowned for his compassion and strong connection with his son, Jake proved an ardent parent; yet their initial union eventually dissipated, leading them to part ways and eventually divorce. Seeking companionship again using online dating in 2010, Jake finally encountered Susan Fortune – who would become one of his primary loves.

Jake and Susan’s relationship progressed rapidly. By December 2012, they had become engaged after enjoying shared experiences and understandings. A significant step was taken when the couple made a life-altering commitment by marrying on March 2013. Tragically, Jake passed away suddenly due to an accidental gunshot wound to the head in his home on June 28, 2014. Law enforcement quickly concluded their investigation of this tragic event as suicide on the basis of compelling evidence and circumstances surrounding this tragic event.

Who Killed Jake Embert

Investigation and Arrest

Instead of accepting Jake Embert’s initial theory of suicide, his close family and friends took matters into their own hands by hiring a private investigator. Their goal was to uncover the truth surrounding the unsettling circumstances surrounding his demise; hair samples extracted from him yielded shocking findings containing pesticide, antifreeze and arsenic, which cast doubt upon any claim of suicide by law enforcement authorities. These unexpected findings effectively invalidated that theory prompting them to revisit their investigation of this case further.

Police reviewed available evidence with renewed determination, conducting new inquiries into Jake Embert’s inner circle and professional contacts. The goal was to identify or at least reduce the list of possible suspects; Susan Fortune, Jake’s wife, became one of the focal points as investigators conducted extensive background investigations and interviewed people she interacted with, such as neighbours or colleagues of Jake. Suspicion emerged due to evolving patterns, with family accounts from Jake indicating manipulative behaviour from Susan that eventually caused his departure from their shared residence. Furthermore, it was observed that Jake’s health began deteriorating considerably since entering into marriage with Susan.

As more puzzle pieces came together, an alarming picture began to form: mounting evidence pointed towards Susan orchestrating some form of mischief. As it was later discovered, she had deliberately poisoned Jake over time, resorting to more drastic measures when her initial efforts weren’t sufficient. When everything failed, the tragic culmination was an intentional shooting to simulate suicide. Soon after Jake died in December 2014, law enforcement officials descended upon Susan’s Milton home in Florida in February 2015. They searched the place thoroughly. She was charged with murder, felony murder, two counts of aggravated assault (one each) and possessing a firearm during the commission of a crime. Susan was taken into custody in Santa Rosa County jail before being extradited to Dougherty County jail to face her serious allegations.

Prosecution of Susan Fortune

Prosecution of Susan Fortune in Jake Embert Murder

The prosecution’s case against Susan Fortune for murdering Jake Embert was strengthened through testimony from multiple witnesses and extensive evidence presented during her trial. Five years after Jake passed, an arduous legal process came to its final result in December 2019, when Susan Fortune was found guilty on all counts brought against her by the prosecution.

Over time, Susan Fortune’s actions were met with appropriate penalties. After being found guilty and after her conviction in February 2020, Susan Fortune received a life sentence for killing Jake Embert; further, an additional 10-year term for a severe assault committed and 5 years for illegal possession of a firearm were applied as part of this sentencing package.

During the trial, Rachel, Jake’s daughter from his previous marriage, provided compelling testimony that shed light on Susan’s manipulative conduct. Rachel asserted that Susan had exploited Jake’s trust and emotions for personal gain, driven by greed and an insatiable hunger for money. As punishment for her actions that caused harm and displayed a disregard for justice, Susan Fortune was sentenced to serve a life term at Pulaski State Prison in Hawkinsville. This significant moment underscored the enduring impact of Susan’s actions on those affected and reaffirmed the commitment to accountability within the justice system.

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