Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 10 Recap: Ending Explained! Nate quits, Akufo returns!

The tenth episode of Apple TV+’s ‘Ted Lasso‘, season 3, titled ‘International Break,’ focuses on various developments in the world of football and the personal lives of the characters. the AFC Richmond players shift their attention away from the Premier League and prepare for the International Break.  Several plots are explored in this episode, including Jamie’s debut in England and Sam’s dismay. The return of Ghanaian millionaire Edwin Akufo.   In this episode, Nate (Nick Mohammed) and Keeley (Juno Temple) face significant setbacks in both their professional and personal lives. Catch up on all the excitement with our (www.tvacute.com)breakdown of the Season 3 finale!

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Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 10 Recap

In the thrilling tenth episode, entitled “International Break,” we are immediately transported to the world of Soccer Saturday as they report on the latest events from the weekend. On the latest episode of the Richmond sports saga, our beloved team has triumphed once again! With their winning streak now reaching an impressive ten games, it’s clear that our players are on fire. And leading the charge is none other than Sam Obisanya, whose outstanding performance has been nothing short of brilliant. In a shocking turn of events, Sam finds himself excluded from the Nigerian national team.

Rumors swirl that Edwin Akufo (Sam Richardson), a wealthy businessman, may have paid a hefty sum to the Nigerian government to ensure Sam’s absence from the team. Despite being widely regarded as the country’s top player, Sam’s dreams of representing his nation on the international stage have been dashed. In a shocking turn of events, Edwin stuns Sam by pretending to rent out the entire restaurant and canceling all reservations. But that’s not all – he drops a bombshell by revealing that he’s opening a brand new Nigerian restaurant just down the street, promising to be even better than the current establishment.

Sam’s desire was to showcase his native land. After guiding Richmond to a victorious streak prior to the hiatus, this turn of events was a major letdown. As fate would have it, Jamie found himself on England’s team, and in a heartwarming display of solidarity, he donned Sam’s number to showcase his unwavering support. Jamie has been on a roll with his kind gestures. One of his most notable acts was tracking down and presenting Roy with the very jersey he donned during the 2004 World Cup.

Ted Lasso Episode 310: Did Nate Shelley get fired, or quit?

In this episode, Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) and Coach Ted (Jason Sudeikis) engage in a conversation about Nate’s termination from West Ham, while Leslie drops some major news. In a shocking twist, the billionaire Edwin Akufo has returned to town with a bold plan to create a Football Super League. This news has sent shockwaves through the world of sports, leaving many wondering what this could mean for the future of the beloved game. In another scene, we find Nate feeling down as Jade attempts to lift his spirits before embarking on her journey to Poland. In a dramatic turn of events, Nate drops a bombshell and admits to quitting his job. However, as he grapples with the consequences of his actions, he begins to have doubts about his impulsive decision. Keeley is hit with devastating news as she discovers that the VCs have withdrawn their funding for her PR agency, resulting in its closure. In this episode, Rupert (Anthony Head) pays a visit to Rebecca and extends an invitation for her to attend a meeting with Edwin.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 10: Roy & Keeley

In the latest episode, Roy gathers with Phoebe and his sister to celebrate “Uncle Day”. In a dramatic turn of events, Edwin pays a visit to Sam’s restaurant and drops a bombshell: he’s planning to open a competing eatery right next to Ola’s. As Edwin prepares to depart, he drops a bombshell, confessing that he was the mastermind behind Sam’s exclusion from the Nigerian FA team. Edwin reveals that he paid a staggering $20 million to ensure that Sam would not be selected. In a dramatic turn of events, Nate eludes the prying eyes of the media and makes a covert journey to his childhood home. But despite their efforts, he remains unresponsive and spends most of his time in his room, sleeping and feeling down. In this scene, Rebecca finds herself at a crossroads. Should she attend the meeting with Edwin or not? Luckily, Leslie is there to offer some words of wisdom and encourage Rebecca to seize the opportunity to speak her truth.

In this episode, Keeley seeks solace at The Crown & Anchor pub where she crosses paths with Mae. Mae becomes a beacon of hope for Keeley during her trying times. In this scene, Roy drops off his daughter Phoebe at school and has an encounter with her teacher, Ms. Bowen. As Roy has a brief interaction with Ms. Bowen, he comes to a realization about his mistake. Keeley gathers her belongings from her office and says goodbye to Barbara. In  Roy takes a bold step and writes an apology letter to Keeley, owning up to his mistakes and taking responsibility for their heartbreaking breakup. Just as Roy is about to slip the letter under Keeely’s door, she unexpectedly shows up, catching him in the act and forcing him to read the letter right then and there.

In the meantime, Ted rediscovers his roots by flipping through old photo albums and dusting off his violin. Nate’s journey culminates in a heartwarming moment with his father, where they have a deep and meaningful conversation. In this pivotal moment, Nate’s father finally accepts him for who he is and recognizes his son’s exceptional talents. In a heartwarming moment, Nate’s father offers a sincere apology for the pressure he’s placed on his son. He emphasizes that his ultimate goal is for Nate to find happiness, rather than just success.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 10: Does Rebecca Accept the Offer from Edwin Akufo?

In the latest episode titled “International Break,”  Rebecca enters the room, and Edwin’s face lights up with joy. She takes her seat at the table, surrounded by the esteemed owners of England’s most prominent football clubs. Edwin pitches a game-changing proposal for a Super League that promises to skyrocket the owners’ profits. In a dramatic turn of events, Rebecca confides in Keeley that she plans to take over Jack’s role as the financier for her company. Keeley agrees to the generous offer. As Keeley comes back to the office to reopen, Barbara addresses her to deliver some news – she has given Jack her resignation. Barbara has her sights set on becoming Keeley’s CFO. Keeley embraces Barbara warmly. As the episode draws to a close, Rebecca delivers a powerful message to Ted, expressing her desire to not only embody the spirit of Rupert but to emerge victorious for the sake of Richmond. Rebecca performs a ceremonial “spit-take” into Ted’s face with intention. This is a clever reference by the writers to Ted’s actions at the conclusion of the initial season.

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