Syfy’s SurrealEstate Season 1 Episode 4 Release Date & Photo of “A House Is Not a Home”

SurrealEstate Season 1 Episode 4 Photo

In the last episode 3 of SurrealEstate Season 1, we saw Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) and Doc together again. So episode 3 could have been better. The last episodes were a bit light. Well, SurrealEstate has just started. Now it will take time to go to some places. I think we get a new horror story every week. Which is really good. A new cast is seen every week, except for the main cast. All the viewers have extremely appreciated this episode for being really entertaining. brings the photos and synopsis of the next episode 4 titled “ A House Is Not a Home”.  you can take a look at it below. plus read the recap of SurrealEstate.

SurrealEstate Season 1 Episode 5 Release Date

SurrealEstate Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

SurrealEstate Episode 4 Synopsis: The Roman Agency takes on a haunted master-planned subdivision and a troubled house by the sea. The episode was written by Duana Taha and directed by Danishka Esterhazy.

SurrealEstate Season 1 Episode 4 Photo

SurrealEstate Episode 4 Release Date

SurrealEstate’s third episode will air Every Friday, August 6th at 10 p.m. ET. on SYFY. The first two episodes in SurrealEstate will also be available on and the SYFY app.  Viewers can connect to their cable subscriptions to view the full content or sign up to an NBCUniversal account to get up to three credits.

SurrealEstate Episode 3 Recap

Harper, a Canadian girl, failed to sell her house when she was thrown down the stairs while showing the house. Susan William Larson is part of the sale. He is the author of a horror novel who buys a house every time he writes a novel. Luke meets Megan, and he sees someone in her house. He asks August to inspect the basement portal gate. Megan wonders why he doesn’t do it himself. Luke immediately realizes that something is wrong with the cottage as soon as they meet. Callum is treated poorly by him because she belonged to him. Luke finds the house worth too little. is there a mess in the house?

Harper is so eager to tell Luke but shuts him down. He’s also got a wind machine that gives him the wind of hell. William Larson is not happy with the homes Susan has shown. Apparently, he is looking for a haunted house. Father Phil wonders if Luke is interested in Megan’s estate. Harper has lived in the cottage since her father passed away. For a very long time, he had no one to talk to. Luke will spend the night. Harper knows she’s in the right place. An old lady named Samantha, who is wandering on the property. She’s afraid of Luke and Skeddoodles. Harper asks Luke if he has seen any of his deceased relatives recently. She is in her yard. He plays the music box that looks like a cottage.

August Portal is closed. Megan only tells Phil and August what Luke told her about his mother, that Megan learns of August’s interest in the house. Luke is getting hints. Harper hit him with a shovel. Susan has no house for William’s liking. And he refuses to go to the next house. Luke was strangled and banging his head against the wall while eating Harper. Harper speaks as a demonic figure. Luke thinks someone is using Harper as a Bluetooth speaker. The ashes of his dead relatives are tying him to the property. Harper cuts her off her shackles, but she is still groping the demon. Outside, his family hangs out by the lake. Instead of running towards the car, he goes to the forest. The old woman reappears. She looks kind and generous. Harper asks him for help and she says that she loves Harper.

Luke is sought. That’s where he was last night. It seems that people fall asleep so easily. Phil is approached by Luke to request assistance. Luke gives Harper a message that his dead loved ones are keeping him here, he gives her some of his agency back. They get into the car. And when they return home, he hears the message. Grandma Samantha is from Nebraska so there’s no point in speaking in another language. Luke follows Phil’s advice. Susan shows William a Brady Bunch house, he is thrilled. wants to deal. The whole family is with Harper and they don’t like Luke’s interference. When Harper has to turn the music box backward, Granny Sam appears. And she apologizes to Harper. Now they can move on.  when they leave the house, Harper makes it off the property. The emergency home was Luke’s childhood home. In whose childhood he had many unusual friends. Luke’s mother is pregnant but she wanted a little girl. But she found Luke.

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