Superman and Lois Season 3 Episode 12 Recap

Superman has a lot of enemies this season, while Lois has her own problems to deal with. Chad L. Coleman’s intergang leader Bruno Mannheim poses a serious threat to Superman. Meanwhile, the threat of Michael Cudlitzs imprisoned Lex Luthor lingers over the show.  In a surprising twist, the penultimate episode titled “Injustice” of Superman & Lois shines a light on none other than the infamous Lex Luthor, portrayed by the talented Cudlitz of The Walking Dead fame. Lex is set up to carry a grudge against Superman, Lois, and Bruno Mannheim after being unfairly imprisoned for 17 years for the killing of Boss Moxie. His appearance in the episode signals a turning point and might influence what happens in season four.  Catch up on all the excitement with our ( breakdown of the penultimate episode.

Superman and Lois Season 3 Episode 12 Recap

In contrast to past depictions, this Lex Luthor Lex keeps his balding millionaire demeanor but has a rough, bearded appearance that gives off a more dangerous aura. Multiple storylines are followed in this episode. After being released from jail, Luthor arranges for the announcement of his release to be delayed.

Despite his parents’ orders, Jordan, who had previously been regarded as the responsible son, helps Superman halt a tornado. By posing for pictures and films with the locals whose lives he saved to commemorate his bravery. However, his use of goggles to conceal his identity appears futile as they are not likely to keep anyone from identifying him. Clark’s own Superman impersonation with just a pair of spectacles has always raised some eyebrows.

Interview with George Jr., who was saved by Jordan, about his hero. Jordan then commends the savior as a result, upsetting Sarah. Jordan’s secret should not have to be kept if he intends to brag about it, in her opinion. After Lana alerts Clark and Lois to the issue, they select Jordan’s outfit at Sam’s advice.

Following Kyle, his buddy and fellow firefighter, learning of his father’s covert identity as Superman, Jonathan, Clark’s other son, is given special care at the firehouse. Although little results from this discovery, it gives Jonathan and Kyle a plot.

Jonathan believes Kyle is treating him differently, in the meantime. Kyle hears what Clark overhears and counsels Jonathan to keep their chat private. At the diner, Jordan and Sarah dispute. As a tornado comes closer, Jordan gets his costume back from Sam and helps Superman fight the tornado. The public witnesses his bravery, and he gains internet fame.

Jordan and his parents quarrel about the rules that evening, and Sarah begs Lana to color her hair. In an important change of events, Luthor shows up at the Kent home and orders Lois to leave. Lex runs into the hideous, vengeful Bizarro as the story comes to a close. Bizarro is driven by a hunger for vengeance and an insatiable greed. When Lex Luthor and his goon Otis run into the Inverse Superman, the latter kills Otis. Luthor forced Otis, the warden, and other prisoners to serve him, according to flashbacks.

The episode also looks at Jordan’s conflict between wanting to help as a hero and keeping his identity a secret. An extra plotline is offered by Jonathan’s recent discovery of his father’s covert identity. While noting the departure of several series regulars and raising the question of whether their participation was initially necessary, viewers’ reactions to Lex’s appearance and predictions for the impending season finale are also discussed. As Season 4 approaches, Lex’s impending release from prison after 17 years is sure to cause trouble for those who remain. In a major budget cut, the upcoming season will see only the Kent family and new co-star Cudlitz as series regulars. However, some familiar faces may make recurring appearances.

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