Stargirl Season 3 Episode 1 Recap: Is The Gambler dead? Ending Explained

The highly-anticipated third season murder mystery was introduced in “Frenemies: Chapter One – The Murder,” the first episode of the new season of Stargirl. The opening montage shows life in Blue Valley following Eclipso’s defeat. We saw the reappearance of The Gambler (Eric Goins) a prior Injustice Society antagonist.  it began with a Neil Diamond song, teased a torn Cosmo, shook up the JSA, and ended with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger.  Is The Gambler dead? Or he is still alive. provides a comprehensive recap on this page.

Stargirl Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

Courtney and her family are returning from Yellowstone, and Jakeem is delivering newspapers onto The Shade’s doorstep while Thunderbolt is in tow .meanwhile, the Crock family is out for a morning run. Rick has reburied Solomon Grundy, and Beth’s parents are doting over their superhero child. Yolanda side-eyes Cindy before the Dragon King’s kid assists an old lady. Steven Sharpe a.k.a The Gamblerreturns to his home Blue valley.

Sylvester alias Starman welcomes the Dugans back home, where he has fixed everything, cleaned out the basement, and built a display case for Cosmo. Sylvester provides the Reader’s Digest account of how he woke up in his own coffin. He informs Courtney that He has finished acting as Starman. he assures her that Cosmo is hers to wield.

The Gambler visits Pat, an original member of the JSA, to let him know that, like the other frenemies in town, he has also changed his mind, in part because of his mission to track down Becky, a daughter he gave up for adoption a long time ago. Pat and Court are dubious because The Gambler was nowhere to be found when other foes arrived to defeat Eclipso, but he insists that his desire for reform is genuine because his own father’s abandonment set him on a poor path. While this conversation is taking place in the living room, we can see that someone or something is viewing it through a covert viewfinder.

The diner is the next destination on The Gambler’s atonement tour, where Richard/The Shade finds his former coworker’s claims to be just as disagreeable. The Gambler is advised by The Shade to leave the area before the locals learn what he is really up to. The Shade commands the Gambler to Go his eyes grow ominously dark. Swift then checks his powers. Later, Crusher advises Pat not to fall for The Gambler’s act, adding he was only in it for the money. Courtney and Yolanda accompany Beth, whose parents are showing her super suit swatches. Rick reports that he’s buried Grundy everywhere per The Shade’s orders, to no avail. Rick and Yolanda tell Courtney that they never approved of her joining the JSA until Cindy forms a quintet.

Sylvester delights in Stripesy’s robot at the Pit Stop and urges him to fly it. Sylvester says he’ll fly with Cosmo. Pat begins to say something about his old friend commandeering Courtney’s workers, but Sylvester interrupts to thank Pat for housing him.

Later, in the basement, Sylvester reveals to Courtney why he gave Cosmo a ride, explaining that when he “came back to life,” he realized that the JSA and Starman had been his main priorities and that there was nothing for him to return to. Court recommends a joint custody arrangement so that he can use the staff when she is at school When he says that he will never ask for it back. ”  The JSA, including Cindy and Shiv, rushes to the scene after Beth alerts Courtney to a crime in progress, only to stand by and watch as Artemis Crock pounces into action and No Limits Gang members. Afterward, C H U C K reveals that the No Limits Gang once collaborated with The Gambler while Cindy sneers.

Stargirl Season 3 Episode 1 Recap Ending Explained

As the episode come to a close end, The Gambler is finishing up his letter to Becky inside his trailer home, someone hacks into his laptop and displays the feeds from a number of hidden cameras located throughout the neighborhood, one of which is reportedly perched directly outside his trailer home. While he ducks outdoors with a pocket gun in his hand, he is attacked by something that is not visible in the video to locate and remove the camera. The adjacent JSA is the next group to hear the gunshot, and when they rush to the Gambler’s trailer, they see Cindy standing over a dead victim while holding a pocket pistol. “I didn’t do it,” she declares to a shocked Courtney and her companions.

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