School of Chocolate Season 2 Release Date: Who are Host and Contestants in S02 ?

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School of Chocolate is the newest Netflix baking competition series. Chef Guichon chose Mellisa and Juan to compete against one another after eight episodes of the cooks learning how to scale back or push themselves in their baking ideas. The two had been the most consistent of all the contenders, however, Juan’s accomplishments were hailed more than Mellisa’s.  They each put forth their best work in a chocolate showcase challenge with a prehistoric theme, helped by their fellow cooks. But it was Juan who took home the title of Best in Class in the end. It wasn’t a surprising finish to the performance, given that he’d gotten ahead of the group early on. Juan won the $50,000 grand prize, as well as an invitation to teach an international master class at Chef Guichon’s pastry academy in Las Vegas, 500 pounds of Cacao Berry chocolate, a one-on-one session with Cacao Berry chefs in their state-of-the-art facility, and a spot in a marquee event at the Charleston Food and Wine Festival. Therefore, if you’ve already overindulged the first season and are eagerly awaiting the second, here ( are the details we currently have on ‘School of Chocolate’ season 2.

Release Date for Season 2 of School of Chocolate

Season 1 of ‘School of Chocolate premiered on Netflix on November 26, 2021. It is divided into eight episodes, each lasting between 28 and 49 minutes.

Here’s what we’ve got for season two. The show’s creators and Netflix management have yet to make an official announcement about the show’s renewal or cancellation. That isn’t to say that a second edition won’t be published in the future. Because of the resources and practicalities involved, it’s very typical for the streamer to take some time before recommissioning any series for another installment. They won’t want to take a chance and not be rewarded.

The decision to extend a show is mostly based on whether or not the previous season was a commercial success. As a result, if that component appears to be relatively decent here and all other signals point in the same direction, Netflix will likely give the project the green light. Season 2 of ‘School of Chocolate’ is set to premiere in Q4 2022 if it is renewed shortly taking into account casting, pre-production, filming, and editing.

School of Chocolate: Host and Contestants Season 2

Amaury Guichon, a seasoned French chocolatier who has recently become a social media celebrity, is expected to return as host, judge, guide, and educator in season 2. Devin Cowan, a pastry chef and chocolatier, and Carolyn Nugent, a pastry chef, may also return as Guichon’s professional helpers.

Amanda Miller, Cedrick Simpson, Daniel Corpuz, Juan Gutierrez, Mellisa Root, Stephanie Norcio, Thiago Silva, and Tyricia Clark were among the contestants in the first season of ‘School of Chocolate.’ However, in season 2, we’re likely to see a fresh crop of skilled pastry chefs and chocolatiers eager to learn more. Previous contestants could, however, serve as guest mentors to assist the incoming contestants, though this seems doubtful.

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