Netflix A Castle for Christmas Release Date, Cast, Trailer

A Castle for Christmas

On Netflix, it’s the Christmas season, which means there are lots of cheesy romance films to watch. We’re here to chat about A Christmas Castle. , this is a film with a genuine budget and the cast is enjoyable. Don’t miss out on the holiday fun by watching A Castle for Christmas film on Netflix. You’ve found the best spot to acquire A Castle for Christmas release Date and trailer at

A Castle for Christmas, which premieres on Friday, November 26th, follows Sophie Brown, a well-known author who travels to Scotland in search of inspiration and in the hopes of purchasing a modest castle with old family ties. The venture won’t be easy because she’ll have to deal with Duke Myles, the castle’s “prickly” owner (Elwes).

Duke Myles, unwilling to sell to a foreigner, seeks to make Sophie’s life as difficult as possible in the hopes that she will quit the project. He informs a friend, “A deposit will get us until Christmas.” “In the meantime, we’ll make her life so unbearable that she’ll realize her error and flee.”

Sophie, on the other hand, isn’t easily deterred as they try to come to an agreement. The two may butt heads, but they also discover that there is more spark between them than they had anticipated.

 Brooke Shields, who will play Sophie Brown in her first Netflix Original film, will be making her Netflix debut. Cary Elwes will be a familiar face to Stranger Things viewers, as he previously starred as the corrupt Mayor Larry Kline in the third season. In addition, Vanessa Grasse, Suanne Braun, Lee Ross, Mark Fleischmann, Andi Osho, Drew Barrymore, Eilidh Loan, Stephen Oswald.

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Shields, Amanda Phillips, Steven R. McGlothen, Steve Berman, Katrina Stagner, and Eric Jarboe executive produce A Castle for Christmas, which is directed by Mary Lambert and written by Ally Carter and Kim Beyer-Johnson. Meanwhile, Netflix’s film is produced by Brad Krevoy.

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