RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 Episode 1 Recap: Who is eliminated? Irene Dubois and Amethyst

As the Emmy-winning competition RuPaul’s Drag Race returns for a 15th season on its most recent platform, MTV, prepare the runway for a new diva-Licious exhibition of jaw-dropping drag fabulousness (part of a global expansion on MTV channels in Brazil, Germany and Mexico). For the two-part premiere, Ariana Grande serves as a special guest judge with host RuPaul, regular judges Michelle Visage and Ross Mathews, as well as the first set of identical twin contenders, Los Angeles’ Sugar and Spice. My favorite nickname is Marcia Marcia Marcia from New York City. A talent competition will be held to decide who stays and who leaves.  Now, let fill you in on all you need to know about that topic!

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 Episode 1 Recap

Irene Dubois of Seattle entered first as a sunset crossed with the coronavirus. Queen Irene Dubois enters the Werk Room first. Seattle-born and wearing a glittering bodysuit with feathered spikes. Bosco, her drag sister. Alien-inspired drag. Luxx Noir London wears a black-and-white jumpsuit. Irene mocks her 40-inch hair. NJ-born Luxx Aura Mayari performs at the Werk Room. Irene and Luxx chuckle as she gasps after dancing. NYC’s Marcia Marcia Marcia follows with a Brady Bunch-inspired nose gag. Broadway queen Marcia loves performing. Anetra wears a spiked black-and-yellow biker costume. She’s a “stunt queen” who’ll do anything. Malaysia Babydoll Foxx wears a long-tailed fox outfit. She’s the first Miami queen in the competition and a cosmetics and hair stylist. Art-inspired princess Poppy. Her TikTok is famous.

Marcia and Luxx, two-year-old queens, surprise the queens. Sasha Colby’s bodysuit and big hair stun the Werk Room. The queens are delighted to see Sasha Colby, a famed drag queen whose drag daughter, Kerri Colby, was Miss Continental. The queens are speechless as RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6′s Ornacia enters. The queen unzips to reveal Ariana Grande. She scares all the queens. RuPaul and Ariana Grande meet. RuPaul announces the ultimate prize is now $200,000. Ariana is the first-season guest judge. Drag Race’s inaugural Mini Challenge inspired the first. The queens will have to pose on a car hood with the pit crew while being hosed down. Funny Irene Dubois. Luxx splits for her photo since she hates getting her long hair wet. Marcia drenches in her sweater while Aura gets really sexual. Anetra loses an eyelash, Malaysia is soaking in her furry outfit, Princess Poppy raises her leg for her shot, and Sasha Colby tosses her hair in the water. Aura Mayari feels she’s the season’s trade. Muscular Aura.

Luxx claims Irene made shady remarks about her. Irene says to return it. RuPaul announces Mini Challenge winner Irene Dubois. One-night-only talent shows Maxi Challenge. Each queen must perform and create a collective routine. Malaysia confesses she’s scared because she’s not a dancer or choreographer. Marcia wants to choreograph the ensemble number. Aura interrupts to teach her movements. The group demands they identify the choreographer because of anxiety. The second group of queens enters separately. Hollywood comedian Salina EsTitties. Campy with large hair/breasts. TikTok queen Amethyst arrives in a Y2K pop diva attire. Connecticut’s first queen competed. Glittery Bronx cheerleader Jax enters. Loosey LaDuca’s 80s dress shows off her booty and body. She knows Amethyst from home. Isabelle Brooks wears black lace. Her cookie heel makes the queens laugh. Robin Fierce’s leather jumpsuit is brown. Connecticut’s next queen. Amethyst hides her history with Robin. Twins Sugar and Spice enter the Werk Room bouncing from TikTok. Sugar and Spice are TikTok hits. Twins annoy some queens. Sugar and Spice say they’re better at social media and looks than performing. The twins want to perform and join a community.

Ornacia returns to the Werk Room and unzips the real Vivacious. RuPaul’s introduction gags the queens. RuPaul explains their Mini Challenge is identical to the last group. However, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2’s first shot will inspire the session. Queens will pose on a motorcycle with the Pit Crew in the wind. RuPaul laughs at Salina’s antics. Leaves clog Amethyst’s mouth. Jax thinks she did the photoshoot. Mistress fears losing her lashes. Robin obtains feathers on her glossy lips and Loosey postures humorously. Mistress says she didn’t like the twins while the queens untuck. She helped Sugar glue wigs. Sugar awkwardly attempts comedy on the bike. Spice removes her wig and wears a shower cap for hairography. She poses oddly. Mistress apologises for Sugar and Spice in the Werk Room. She wants to see the twins’ performance and contributions. They chatter while undressed. RuPaul announces Loosey LaDuca won the Mini Challenge. The second round of Maxi Challenge queens will compete in a talent show. The queens must also choreograph their entrance number. Queens are practising in the choreography studio. RuPaul enters and welcomes the other eight candidates. RuPaul announces an actual first-week elimination.

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 Episode 2 Recap  Who is eliminated? Irene Dubois and Amethyst

Irene Dubois and Amethyst: The lip sync: It appears that Loosey’s emotional outburst and a great joke about not using pads kept her out of the bottom two. As Ariana put it, “it has to land” for comedy to be dangerous, which Irene and Amethyst discovered. Irene couldn’t think of a punchline, and Amethyst simply forgot it. Only behind Britney Spears and RuPaul herself, Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” is the ninth song to be played throughout their performance. A musician judging the show while their song is played is still a rare opportunity. When witnessing the concert, Grande could hardly contain her excitement and even sang along. Irene and Amethyst performed brilliantly in their lip-sync duet.

Irene’s dedication was the only flaw in her performance. Amethyst provided a humorous take, but Irene kept things serious. Even though she had a chance to win, she later changed the tone and included comic aspects, which undermined what had come before. Amethyst was also able to add a jump split. Sometimes a lip sync is so close that the spread of the legs can make the difference. Irene seems like a deliciously sinister queen who could spark drama, so it’s a sorry to see her go. In hindsight, her elimination seems predetermined because she was prominently featured in the edit and triumphed in a mini-challenge. She made a graceful exit, so maybe people will remember and respect her as the first queen to be ousted.

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