Romance on the Web: Virtual Dates and Video Cam Chats

The excitement or adrenaline rush we experience before any first date is completely a natural phenomenon that everyone might have encountered in one way or another. There can be a lot of reasons for this excitement which include; fear that a person will turn out to be different from what you imagined them to be, not knowing what to talk about, fear that a potential partner will not like you, and much more.

Today, we would love to share some tips about first dates with you. The focus will be on how to make them more comfortable, cope with fear, and be sure that the first date will not end up being the last. We hope you find recommendations for yourself.

Useful tips for a successful first date

Avoid negative thoughts

People tend to prepare for the worst and try to plan their actions assuming anything goes wrong. This type of plan is wrong. If you keep negative thoughts, there is a high risk that bad things might happen. Think positive and stay positive about a new meeting that brings about new impressions and interesting stories!

Be brave and keep fear aside

The more we nurse fear for something, the more we shun it. For example, we completely refuse new acquaintances and first dates because of fear. This is not right. Try to meet new people more often, communicate with strangers or unfamiliar interlocutors, and go on dates in the end.

Do not try to think through all the options when having a conversation

Honestly, this is a failed undertaking that will lead to nowhere. You will not be able to plan all the “branches” of the conversation, and any attempts to do so will only make you more worried and afraid that something will not go the way you planned.

Do not rely on the advice of various “gurus” in relationships

There is a huge number of articles, videos, and master classes on the Web from various pickup experts and relationship gurus. Often, you have to pay a lot to access such materials. Forget about it! It is better to read and follow the advice of psychologists, the benefits are greater.

Be yourself, don’t play someone else’s role

On a first date, it can be difficult to overcome the desire to appear better than you really are. This is necessary, but don’t try to play that part. Your real “SELF” will eventually come to the surface anyway. So what’s the point of pretending to be someone you are not?

What if you don’t have the opportunity to go on a first date?

We live in a world where the first date does not have to take place offline. Moreover, we strongly recommend that you have your first meeting online.

Why? There are actually several reasons:

  1. Dating and communication online is an opportunity to stay in a more familiar and comfortable environment.
  2. Video dates help to get to know the interlocutor almost as well as a meeting in real life.
  3. If the date does turn out to be a bad one, you won’t regret the time spent as this will enable you to move on quickly.

Perhaps, one of the best formats for speed dating and first online dates is video chat. It allows you to meet and communicate via video — almost like in real life. You see the interlocutor, hear their voice, observe facial expressions and gestures, and so on. You will agree with us that this is much better than just texting.

Of course, online video chat cannot replace a live date completely. However, it continues to serve as a good alternative. The main thing is to choose the right platform.

Cam chats: convenient platforms for dating, online dates, and just pleasant communication

For convenience, we have made a selection of video chats and divided them into two categories. The former is suitable for finding new acquaintances, and the latter is for communicating with those whom you already know and whose contacts you have. Let’s get started!

Video Chats for Dating


Omegle is the first web chat ever. The site was launched in the spring of 2009, but at that time it had no video chat, only text chat. The ability to communicate via video surfaced in 2010. The advantages of the services include fast communication, quality communication, and search by interests. The disadvantages include a lack of a gender filter, mobile applications, and mediocre moderation.


This is the best online camchat for those who need an effective and accurate gender filter. It’s surely an ideal choice for men who only want to meet girls and go on dates online. Age filter, good support service, and automatic message translator are the main advantages of


This is the first webcam chat, which appeared six months after the creation of Omegle. In this regard, Chatroulette surpassed its predecessor by offering video communication. The advantages include quick operation, a fairly active audience, and high popularity. The disadvantages include poor moderation, an abundance of bots, exhibitionists, and inadequate users. Currently, they are actively struggling with this, but the problem has not been solved completely. Chatroulette does not have mobile apps.


This is not the usual cam chat, but rather a service for video streaming. Therefore, it is unlikely that it will be possible to organize a video meeting here in the literal sense. However, you can gather a lot of viewers and become popular. You can join a live video stream to watch other people’s streams and even chat with their authors. However, this format is not suitable for everyone, but Tinychat has its own large and active audience. Therefore, it is definitely not worth giving up on it.


This app is a combination of random cam chat and messenger. You can also communicate with random users in the same way. They can be added as friends, chat with them, make video calls, and share media files. Versatility is an important advantage of Chatous, it is also a disadvantage at the same time because many users simply do not need additional functionality.


This is an online video chat with basic search settings by geolocation and gender. There is a built-in message translator similar to CooMeet, which is convenient for communicating with foreigners. There are also mobile applications for convenient communication from any part of the world. The disadvantages are, it doesn’t have the best moderation and the gender filter tends to be inaccurate most often. Compared with CooMeet, you should not rely on the 100% efficacy of this filter.

Video Chats to Continue Communication


This app needs no introduction. At one time, Skype was almost the only worthy service for video communication. However, over time, a lot of great alternatives appeared, and Skype developers seem to have not decided on how they can effectively compete. Hence, the number of users of the service has noticeably decreased. However, some individuals use Skype as their main means of video communication to date.


Zoom is one of the main competitors of Skype, whose popularity peaked during the Covid-19 pandemic and quarantine. Initially, Zoom was created for video conferencing, but it is also great for face-to-face communication. For a fact, trust in Zoom was noticeably shaken due to a large-scale drain of user data some years ago.

Google Meet

Another convenient video chat, which is actively gaining popularity in recent years. The main advantage of Google Meet is that it can be used directly from the browser. No need to install and configure the application. Everything works “as it should be.” For many, this is an important feature that makes users prefer Google Meet. Additionally, there high level of trust in Google by users which is quite encouraging.

Let’s summarize

The Internet opens up tremendous opportunities for us to meet and communicate with interesting people around the world. The only question is how do you use these opportunities?

We believe that in the 21st century, the best option for a first date is an online meeting. Of course, you may not agree with this fact. Nonetheless, it is simply impossible to argue that such a format is more convenient, faster, and safer. Therefore, if you are too worried, not confident in yourself, or in a potential relationship, and want to simplify your task a little, try the online communication format before the first real meeting. Believe us, this will make your life much easier.

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