Reef Break Season Finale Episode 113 “Endgame” Release Date

Reef Break Season 1 Episode 13

Season Finale Of ABC’s Reef Break on Thursday , September 12 (10:00–11:00 p.m. EDT), its title names is “Endgame” which was written by Michelle Lirtzman and directed by Steve Pearlman.

In the season finale of ABC’s “Reef Break Episode 113 “Endgame”we will seen Cat Chambers is on the run and fearing for her life and freedom. Hearts are broken and futures are uncertain as Cat faces her toughest case yet—to clear her own name.

Episodes can also be viewed the next day on, the ABC app and Hulu.

“Reef Break” season 1 Episode 13 stars Poppy Montgomery as Cat Chambers, Ray Stevenson as Jake Elliot, Desmond Chiam as Wyatt Cole, Melissa Bonne as Ana Dumont and Tamala Shelton as Petra.

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