Lucy Hale’s series Ragdoll Episode 1 – Best Way to Watch Ragdoll Episode 1 Online Tonight?

ragdoll eps 1

Season 1 of Ragdoll premieres tonight on AMC+, AMC’s premium program. Ragdoll is based on Daniel Cole’s book of the same name, albeit it is not required reading before viewing the show. Lucy Hale also appears in this gruesome new crime thriller. It’s her most sinister role yet. In the first episode of Ragdoll, we meet disgraced detective DS Nathan Rose (Henry Lloyd-Hughes), who is ordered to investigate a gruesome murder scene involving six body parts sewed together to make one monstrous figure known as the “Ragdoll.”   Here’s what knows about the Ragdoll, AMC’s crime thriller show.

Ragdoll Episode 1

The first episode centers on a shocking discovery within a block of flats, which leads DI Baxter, DC Edmunds, and DS Rose on the hunt for the Ragdoll killer, who has also issued a list of six more victims who will die shortly. Before it’s too late, the crew must race against the clock to stop the killer. DS Rose, newly-promoted DI Emily Baxter (Thalassa Teixeira), and young American ingenue DC Edmunds (Hale) are investigating a terrible discovery when the series begins. As if finding the ragdoll wasn’t awful enough, the crew also discovers a hit list with six more people on it who are about to die. They’ve been tasked with both solving the six killings that have already occurred and attempting to safeguard the six people on the list.

Ragdoll Episode 1 Release Date

Ragdoll Episode 1 release on  November 11th, live streaming 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time (3:01 a.m. Eastern Time). A free seven-day trial of AMC+ in the US is also available right now.  Its UK release date on Alibi has yet to be confirmed (plus Sky Box Sets and NOW),

What is the best way to watch Ragdoll episode 1 online tonight?

To watch Ragdoll, you’ll need AMC+. AMC+ is not to be confused with the AMC cable channel. It’s a premium streaming bundle that you can get from the app store on your television (Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV), computer, or mobile/tablet (Amazon Fire Tablet, Android Phone + Tablet, iPhone & iPad).

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