Project Runway Finale Recap – ??? wins the title of Project Runway


Our surviving designers, Shantall, Coral, Chasity, and Kristina, arrive in New York City to exhibit their 10-piece designs for New York Fashion Week in tonight’s episode. Christian Siriano opened the two-hour season finale by paying a visit to each of the remaining candidates — Chasity Sereal, Coral Castillo, Kristina Kharlashkina, and Shantall Lacayo — to give them a sneak peek at their final collections and to impart his parting words of advice.

During his trip to Miami, he warned Lacayo against experimenting with 1980s Easter colors; he encouraged Sereal through her designer’s block in Houston; he got a metaphorical tour of Mexico City from Castillo in Los Angeles, as well as a literal tour of her personal at-home jungle; and he got a lesson on what is and isn’t a poppy from Kharlashkina in Queens. Overall, it had been a pretty exciting tour.

But, of course, the main event was still to come. All four women reunited in New York City for the most crucial fashion show of their life after a three-month time jump. (Don’t worry, there’s no pressure!) Although Elaine Welteroth was unable to join Nina Garcia and Brandon Maxwell on the judges’ bench, Runway was able to find a suitable alternative in Tommy Hilfiger.

Sereal also delved back in her archives for “Rebellious Reflection,” a collection about a “black sheep who blossomed.” “Genesis,” a procession of bright, vibrant hues inspired by the unique hand embroidery used in Mexican clothes, brought the event to a close.

Shantall Lacayo! wins the title of Project Runway

Despite four great performances, only one of these drastically different designers would be named the winner.

After the judges’ deliberations, Garcia told the four women, “We believe the winner has all it takes to be a household name and has a brand that can last for years.”  And that designer is… Shantall Lacayo!

Lacayo cried as he added, “I’ve dreamed about this moment for so long, “It’s not just about me winning this competition. It’s about my family winning this competition. I can’t believe it. So many doors that have closed, you know?” She recalled hearing critiques about being “too colorful, too Latin, too loud,” and how all she was looking for was “recognition as an artist.”  She has finally been noticed.

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