Perry Mason Season 2: Release Date, New Cast, Trailer, and Everything We Know So Far

HBO’s Perry Mason arrives after three years. This is Erle Stanley Gardner‘s latest Perry Mason series. This rendition of Perry Mason, played by Emmy-winning actor Matthew Rhys begins with Mason as a morally ambiguous private investigator in Depression-era Los Angeles who becomes a lawyer in a last-ditch effort to save a case. HBO renewed Perry Mason for a second season in 2020, despite its limited series origins. ( have answered all your questions about Perry Mason Season 2, including when it’s coming out, who’s in it, and what it’s about.

Perry Mason Season 2 Release Date

Production on Perry Mason Season 2 began in Los Angeles on January 5, 2022, and officially wrapped on June 14. HBO and HBO Max will air the first episode of Perry Mason Season 2 on Monday, March 6, 2023, at 9 PM EST. The season finale will show on April 24, 2023, after which new episodes will air every Monday until then. Perry Mason Season 2 has eight episodes, much like the first season.

What’s the story of Perry Mason Season 2?

Perry Mason Season 2 is set in 1933, according to Whigham, who plays Perry’s erstwhile business partner Pete Strickland. It begins with the law firm of the main character focussing on civil cases rather than criminal cases. That indicates that Drake is operating independently—at least until the season’s central conflict picks up steam. Perry is once more “in the soup,” as Whigham put it, which means that he is in trouble. Although he doesn’t elaborate, it’s possible that Mason’s memories of the First World War are still trouble him. In Season 1, Perry did have a drinking issue, and 1933 is the final year of Prohibition. If you’re interested in learning more, HBO has also issued the official Season 2 storyline summary:

Months after the Dodson case has come to an end, the scion of a powerful oil family is brutally murdered. When the DA goes to the city’s Hoovervilles to pinpoint the most obvious of suspects, Perry, Della, and Paul find themselves at the center of a case that will uncover far-reaching conspiracies and force them to reckon with what it truly means to be guilty.

Perry Mason Season 2 Trailer

Perry Mason Season 2 Trailer may be seen here. On December 7, 2022, the first Perry Mason Season 2 trailer was published, providing viewers a taste of what to look forward to in the upcoming season. Fernando Coimbra, Jessica Lowrey, Marialy Rivas, and Nina Lopez-Corrado are among the brand-new directors for Season 2. Episodes 1 and 2 were directed by Coimbra, Episodes 3 and 4 by Lowrey, Episodes 5 and 6 by Rivas, and Episodes 7 and 8 by Lopez-Corrado.

Perry Mason Season 2 Cast

Most of the Season 1 cast, including Juliet Rylance, Chris Chalk, Shea Whigham, Diarra Kilpatrick, Eric Lange, and Justin Kirk return for Season 2 in addition to Rhys. Tatiana Maslany Leaves “Perry Mason” Before Season 2.

Who Are the Perry Mason Season 2 New Characters?

A number of new characters will also be introduced in this season, including those portrayed by Katherine Waterston as Ginny Aimes, Hope Davis as Camille Nygaard, Jon Chaffin as Morris, Fabrizio Guido as a troubled artist, Peter Mendoza as Rafael’s brother Mateo, Onahoua Rodriguez as Rafael and Mateo’s aunt Luisa Gallardo, Jee Young Han as Marion Kang, Perry’s new legal secretary, and Sean Astin as Sunny Gryce, a grocery shop owner and one of Perry’s new clients.

Brooks McCutcheon, portrayed by Tommy Dewey, As the self-made oil tycoon Lydell, Paul Raci portrays Brooks’ father. Successful screenwriter Anita St. Pierre, played by Jen Tullock, develops a bond with Della. The character portrayed by Mark O’Brien is an extremely ambitious deputy district attorney who will stop at nothing to succeed. Melville Phipps, a wealthy oil baroness’s attorney, is portrayed by Wallace Langham.

Who Is Creating Season 2 of Perry Mason?

For this new season of Perry Mason, Michael Begler and Jack Amiel will serve as the showrunners in place of Ron Fitzgerald and Rolin Jones. In addition to Begley and Amiel, Tim Vat Patton, Robert Downey Jr., Susan Downey, Joe Horacek, and Matthew Rhys serve as executive producers for Season 2. Tim Vat Patton is credited with bringing 1930s Los Angeles to life while directing the majority of Season 1.

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