Alex T. Hwang’s Paranormal Attraction Movie Release Date

Paranormal Attraction

Filmmaker Alex T. Hwang new supernatural horror movie Paranormal Attraction is also complete with a little bit of romance, its starring Brooklyn Haley, Nicole Cinaglia, Eden Shea Beck, and Hunter Johnson. Paranormal Attraction Movie set at the cinema on October 27.

Paranormal Attraction follows the dark and sinister tale of a young woman, Sara Myer (Brooklyn Haley), who moves into an abandoned house with a tragic and mysterious past. As Sarah begins to purge the house of the previous owner’s belongings, she begins to uncover its deadly secrets.

Rookie police officer Evelyn Bennett (Nicole Cinaglia) helps her investigate the mysterious happenings and captures Sara’s heart. Will they learn the secrets of the house or will the house claim Sara’s soul?

Paranormal Attraction Movie was written by Richard J. Aguirre and produced by Pat Kusnadi, Kathleen W. Hwang,  and Thomas Haley studio by Tiberius Film Ltd.

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