[AMC+] Pantheon Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

[AMC+] Pantheon Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

In a challenging animated science fiction thriller Pantheon about UI (Uploaded Intelligence) in which a virtual replica of the human brain can be uploaded to a mystery cloud. Daniel Dae Kim plays the late David, whose memory has evolved into a ghost in a business machine, and leads the A-list voice cast. His widow Ellen (Rosemarie DeWitt) is concerned the sincerity of his message to his grieving and harassed young daughter Maddie (Katie Chang) as well as the motives of the mysterious company creating this technology. Alongside Aaron Eckhart and Taylor Schilling, Paul Dano plays melancholy tech-nerd youngster Caspian, whose parents are also involved in a strange ruse. William Hurt’s final act as a Steve Jobs is also included in Pantheon.   www.tvacute.com provides a comprehensive recap on this page.

Pantheon Episode 1 Recap

The first episode focuses on three distinct plotlines, Teenage harassed Maddie gets support from an online stranger. Teenage math prodigy Caspian struggles with his parents’ bad relationship; A competing tech company meets in private with Chanda, a computer engineer.  It will eventually come together, beginning with Maddie, a schoolgirl who is being bullied and is also grieving the loss of her father. She gets a message from an unidentified sender after having a really bad day at school. The hacker mainly uses emojis while communicating and calls themselves a ghost. As she converses with this stranger, atmospheric music plays in the background along with thunder and lightning. However, the messenger soon vanishes. The next day, every one of Maddie’s bullies gets hacked and starts to turn on one another. Was our unidentified sender at fault? The ghost replies to Maddie’s message and accepts their part in the joke. Maddie queries why they would assist her and how they came to know who her mother is. After hearing this talk, Maddie’s mother walks in. Rosemarie DeWitt’s character, Ellen Kim, overreacts when she finds Maddie conversing with an internet stranger and demands to know exactly what is going on.

Ellen is immediately unnerved by the sender’s choice of poetry as the mother types a reply to this stranger. Calling Dr. Waxman (Ron Livingston) urgently, she wants to know what they have did with her husband. Is Maddie’s father speaking to her from the afterlife? The focus of the story then switches to Caspian, another oddball kid, who is portrayed by Paul Dano, an actor who is probably in his 30s. This unidentified student is presented as a computer whiz and arithmetic prodigy. He encounters Maddie in a chat room seeking for assistance and strikes up a discussion with the perplexed student. She worries that a corporation named Logorhythms faked her father’s death and is now holding him prisoner and sending him copies of the communications with the ghost. While someone else is covertly watching Caspian’s every step in real-time, he analyses the chat history. The chat room has completely degenerated into conspiracy theory land, which causes Maddie to have a flashback of her father.

In the recollection, her father David (Daniel Dae Kim) advises her to always look for the truth while debunking conspiracy theories. Then Ellen comes back into the present to complete her previous debate. Ellen claims that because her husband is deceased and this cannot be undone, Maddie should not call the police. In her distressed state, Ellen runs across Gabe, her most recent love interest, who makes an effort to comfort her that all will be well. The third tale, which focuses on Chanda, is subsequently introduced. The engineer claims that UI (Uploaded intelligence) is poised to transform society and alter humankind for all time in a conversation with an unnamed CEO. He mentions uploading the brain and mind of a person to the cloud. The CEO entices him to join them with an incredible income and benefits, and Chanda accepts the offer. Chanda is taken hostage and drugged as he exits the meeting.

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