[Netflix] Under Her Control Movie Ending Explained! What happened to Beatriz and Sofia?

“Under Her Control,” (Spanish: La jefa, lit.” The Boss”) is a 2022 Spanish thriller film with Aitana Sánchez-Gijón and Cumelén Sanz as its leads. It was directed by Fran Torres. It is a story about two women who make a deal with each other that makes their relationship worse over time. Even though neither the plot nor the way it was made was anything special, the movie mostly holds up because of how well it shows the unsettling deep mistrust between the two main characters. Even though the ending of “Under Her Control” isn’t the best because it has too much action and not enough drama, the rest of the movie isn’t bad and is fun to watch.  www.tvacute.com provides a comprehensive recap on this page.

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Sofia (Cumelén Sanz) and Nacho (Álex Pastrana) are young people living in Madrid who lack career stability. While Nacho performs for a real estate company and saves money to launch his own business, Sofia is unemployed and only gets a job interview at the beginning of the movie. Sofia routinely visits Nacho’s unoccupied residences to have romantic sessions with him. Nacho wants to return to South America because being an estate manager in Colombia is simpler and more successful than in Spain, but Sofia dissuades him, saying she didn’t leave Argentina to go back. She’s excited to get an interview with a clothing business she’s always desired to work for. She thanked God for the opportunity to visit her church before the interview. She’s hired as Beatriz (Aitana Sánchez-Gijón), the company’s CEOintern,’s assistant.

Under Her Control Movie

Sofia loves her job offer and regularly takes on extra responsibilities, attracting Beatriz’s attention. Beatriz supports her fashion judgments, not business decisions as she was employed to accomplish. Nacho hopes she’ll bring him more clients now that she’s rubbing shoulders with the rich. Sofia finds out she’s pregnant, and everything changes. Although not wholly adverse to the thought of becoming a mother, she recognizes that now is the best time financially for her and Nacho to become parents. Sofia wants an abortion and reveals her religion in the confessional. The priest just states that killing an unborn baby is the worst thing a person can do, so Sofia is perplexed. She doesn’t tell Nacho because she’s afraid he’ll be thrilled and want to retain it despite their financial position. She tells Beatriz more about pregnancy and asks for help. The boss, Beatriz, who was still hunting for love through casual encounters, offers to help Sofia.

Under Her Control Movie

Beatriz had long wanted to conceive a family, but operating a firm kept her too busy. Sofia tells Beatriz her condition and intends to choose a successor. She assures Sofia that her new work at the company won’t be disrupted because she’ll take care of the employee, and since Sofia doesn’t want the kid, Beatriz will take it. The older woman discusses this notion with her gynecologist’s closest friend and her lawyer husband, who both agree. Beatriz promises Sofia that she will be cared for during her pregnancy in Beatriz’s vast property outside the city. Sofia knows that consenting to the plan would mean leaving Nacho, but it’s the only option for dealing with her condition. Both are clever and willing to exploit events for their personal gain.

Sofia uses Beatriz’s desire to become a mother to her advantage. When Sofia sits with Beatriz and her best friend to discuss the agreement, she wants double an already remuneration and two paid trips to Argentina. She signs the document posing as the surrogate mother ready to donate her kid to Beatriz before telling Nacho. She informs Nacho, who doesn’t know she’s pregnant, that she’s been granted promotion and must remain in in the following months in London. The boyfriend says he doesn’t want to be apart from Sofia for far too long, but Sofia has consented. Later, it’s discovered that Sofia lied about her academic qualifications during her interview at Beatriz’s company to acquire the position.

Under Her Control Movie

Beatriz brings Sofia to her home for a few months of luxury. While Beatriz commutes to work each day, Sofia is largely alone with Tati (Rocío Setjo). Sofia loves walking around the enormous house and its grounds, which contain a gym and a pool, but she starts to feel uneasy. She finds covert video surveillance with a live feed broadcast, implying Beatriz was watching her even if she was alone. Sofia meets her boss and asks her to disconnect all the interior cameras, but the exterior ones remain. After her encounter with the cameras, Sofia’s phone goes gone, suggesting something nefarious. The phone was the only way to contact Nacho, who thought Sofia was in London. Sofia is locked off from the outer world since Tati has no phone.  Beatriz assures Sofia a smartphone but takes an unusually long time to deliver. Before that, she allows Sofia to speak to Nacho on her tablet, and then she breaks down but can’t say anything.


Under Her Control Movie

Sofia saw Tati clean a closed bedroom on the upper floor of the mansion, so she investigates. She manages to tell Tati, who only knows her native tongue, and opens the room to find Beatriz making up the baby’s room. Beatriz branded every item in the bedroom with the nickname of her unborn son, Carlos, as her doctor friend had predicted. The room looks too adorned and set out for a newborn that was still weeks away, at first observation it seems like a room that had already been used to raise a baby. Beatriz may have hired Sofia to get pregnant. Several days ago, Sofia notices Tati is absent and her family photos are missing from her room. Tati’s sentence for showing Sofia the room, and Beatriz tricking Tati into going for her since she required Sofia alone within the house. Sofia discovers a few hair strands and an object in Beatriz’s closet.

Under Her Control Movie

Beatriz begins ruling  Sofia and she doesn’t care when Sofia complains. Sofia tries to flee the house while Beatriz is gone, but she gets electrocuted by the wire cables. Beatriz returns home after watching the CCTV footage. Nacho searches for her lost girlfriend at her workplace while she’s at her residence. Nacho hadn’t spoken to Sofia in days, except when she phoned him from Beatriz’s tablet. Fearing she was sick, he called the company’s London department and discovered Sofia had never been there before. Thinking Beatriz may be guilty, she rushes to her workplace and gets her location. Nacho goes to Beatriz’s house as she drives to meet the man at her business. Drugged Sofia approaches the doorbell, but she can’t open it and urges him to call the police. Nacho goes around in the house to phone the cops because he has no service. On the way to work, Beatriz discovers that Nacho has departed, maybe for her house, so she returns to her country home.

The Netflix film Under Her Control’s Ending

Under Her Control Movie Ending

Beatriz runs over Nacho on the road leading to her home as she returns home. She finds her boyfriend’s car and disposes of it, going home late that night. Sofia had yelled for aid but received no reply; when Beatriz arrived, they acted nothing had occurred. Beatriz informs Sofia that her doctor would conduct a C-section on her the day after. Sofie doesn’t respond to the news, but she knows that Beatriz will murder her after the baby is born. The following night, Sofia severely injures Beatriz keeping her hostage. Since Nacho hasn’t returned, she thinks her boss may have killed him and continuously injures Beatriz to find out. Beatriz doesn’t say anything but tells Sofia she’ll allow her to leave after giving birth. The next day, Sofia collects all the cash and jewelry she can discover in the house, along with the agreement she made to hand up her baby, and is about to leave when she notices Beatriz missing from where she had been taken, hostage. Sofia is attacked by Beatriz, but she kills her with a pair of scissors Beatriz had earned for her clothing work. Sofia leaves her home bleeding and crying when her water bursts, signifying she’s ready to give birth. The screen fades black as she is now compelled to give birth to the child she originally refused to have.

Both “Under Her Control” personalities are diabolical and have bad motives. Beatriz may have planned to kill Sofia, but the fact that Sofia kills her shows. Both women will do whatever to accomplish their goals. The two’s mutual distrust causes them to lash out in different ways. The question of whether or not Beatriz had any prior troubled history is not addressed in the movie, and given what is presented instead, the answer is not particularly relevant anyhow. The suspense that is built up at the beginning of “Under Her Control” is maintained for the most part.

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