Ozark Season 4 Finale: Who killed Javi? Did Ruth Kill Javi? Explained!


Ozark season 4, part 1 ended eerily. We couldn’t look away as Marty and Wendy sought to console Ruth Langmore when she learned that Cartel chief Javi killed her cousin Wyatt Langmore and his newlywed wife Darlene Snell. Calming her was futile. The reality between Ruth and the Byrde family was not sustainable. It took Marty posing as Ruth’s father figure to create the ultimate resentful monster. In reality, Wendy and Marty always put their own interests first, although in subtle ways. Embedded in the criminal environment, they don’t recognize themselves as criminals. Their actions are justified by hollow promises. Ruth thought Marty liked her. That’s why season 4 is so difficult.  It’s hard for the audience to want to give her a warm hug, but the world in front of her is full of failure and tragedy. But, when Ruth’s needs are none, she reaches the deepest depths of despair.

 Ozark Season 4 Part 1 – Did Ruth Kill Javi?

Let’s take a look at Season 4 Episode 8’s exceptionally well-crafted structure. The veil has been lifted. Ruth is on a journey marked by grief and disbelief, as well as a desire for vengeance. She reminisces about Wyatt as she drives to Chicago, hip hop blasting from the stereo, knowing that Javi will be meeting Clare from Shaw Medical with Marty and Wendy. Marty and Wendy try everything they can to make her feel better. To put things in perspective for her. Ruth is continually reminded by Marty that she is a “nice person.” But what does it mean to be a “good person” in a world that constantly disappoints her? Marty has a history of balancing Ruth’s thinking, bringing her back to earth, and using reasoning over emotions. Ruth, on the other hand, has a serious expression on her face this time. She appears to agree with Marty and Wendy, but she has no intention of actually listening to them.

Ruth, on the other hand, has a moment of uncertainty. She freezes on her initial attempt to shoot and kill Javi. We believe that Marty’s influence over Ruth is still present at this point. However, this is where character development is crucial. It’s no surprise that the writers decided to take a midseason break after episode 7. They wanted the audience to consider whether Ruth has the potential to be a monster. As a result, when the time comes, it’s actually shocking. The death of Wyatt caused a sigh of relief, but Ruth’s lack of hesitation, when asked a second time, is commendable direction and writing. It has a big impact since a few bullets hit Javi right in front of Wendy, Marty, and Clare.

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Ruth shoots and kills Javi without pausing to consider his actions. Her brain is programmed for vengeance, as is her hollow soul, which was once full of hope and mistaken wonder. According to one idea, you must learn to be a monster in order to succeed in life, but once you achieve that ultimate form, you must learn to use it for good. Ruth is a victim of a never-ending assault of lies and deception. She’s become the monster. we all feared she’d become due to a lack of true caring. If anything, Ozark demonstrates that life isn’t easy, that it isn’t always fair, and that it may be a hellish place. Ruth’s Hell is waiting for you.

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