Does Marty become the Navarro Cartel’s leader in in Ozark Season 4 Finale?

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Ozark serves as the hidden overarching adversary in Seasons 1 and 2 and the major antagonist in Season 3. Omar Navarro is the overall main antagonist in the Netflix series. He is the Navarro cartel’s leader. But in season 4 who becomes the head of the Navarro Cartel?  Martin Byrde’s (Jason Bateman) ascension is an intriguing case study. A poor accountant became a trusted counselor in the Navarro cartel, molding his wife into a vicious tactician. Marty always said he did it to survive, and he did. But he claimed he was doing it for his family’s sake. He has various reasons for why he does what he does. Not to mention, Agent Maya from the FBI provided him with many chances to protect himself and his family. Despite the obvious danger, Marty may love this life where he feels important and appreciated.

Does Marty become the Navarro Cartel’s leader in Ozark Season 4 Finale?

There is a lot to learn about Marty Byrde’s rise in this story. A man who thought he was a small-time accountant turned out to be a trusted adviser to the Navarro cartel. His wife became a ruthless tactician as a result of this. This is true for Marty. He has always said that he did all of this in order to live. To make sure his family would be okay, then, the man said he was doing this. A lot of “why” tags have been added to his work. Let’s not forget that Agent Maya from the FBI gave him many chances to live a safer life for himself and his family. It could be that Marty is a more gentle version of Walter from Breaking Bad, but it’s not sure. Marty might like this life, even though it looks like he’s in danger. He might feel important and, at times, respected.

Does Marty become the Navarro Cartel’s boss?

It’s true. Wendy thinks Marty should run and run the cartel while Omar is in prison. Omar wants Marty to be like him; ruthless, strong in decision-making, and violent, all of which Marty is not. Marty is a frustrated and nervous person, but he manages the cartel members with ease, making sure they reveal their business operations in different places and strong-arming them. He even makes decisions when a person who seems to be a traitor comes into the group.

If Omar Navarro can’t be extradited, the FBI thinks that Marty could run the Navarro cartel. He has a good track record, and even the FBI thinks that he could do it. As you can see, it’s hard not to notice what the writers did. There was a small glimpse of how high Marty could go if he wanted. It was a unique way to show what would happen if they decided to write a different kind of story. And it’s hard not to notice how Marty takes it on without a care in the world. Wendy, on the other hand, made sure that he took on the temporary job and then removed it from him when she had the chance. Marty’s reaction to not being the person who runs the cartel for Omar is interesting. He loses all of his cool. He realized that there is a world where he can control everything with his words and fingertips. He lost all of the power and respect he had. There might be another universe where Marty is the leader of the Navarro Cartel.

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