Our Kind of People Episode 3 “Hot Links & Red Drinks”

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On Our Kind of People Episode 2, we see many twists come and more secrets are revealed. Angela (Yaya DaCosta) was handed a heartbreaking blow in episode 2 when a secret from her mother’s history revealed that she had spent the first six months of her existence being cared for by another woman. Teddy revealed to Leah that he is Angela’s father. At the same time, as a kingpin, he reclaimed his position as the head of Franklin Holdings. Continue reading about episode 2 by scrolling down the page. www.tvacute.com has a trailer for Our Kind of People Episode 3 titled “Hot Links & Red Drinks” which you can see below. So you can mentally prepare for the forthcoming new episode.

Our Kind of People Episode 4 Release Date

Our Kind of People Episode 3 Synopsis: Angela wants to make Nikki the face of Eve’s Crown and forces Leah’s hand about the incubator program. Meanwhile, Raymond confronts Teddy about getting his company back, and Piggy is confronted by her past. Then, secrets are revealed when Lauren brings her grandmother Rose to the annual Juneteenth Rose Ball, where she reveals a family secret.

Our Kind of People Season 1 Episode 3 Release Date

Our Kind of People Episode 3 will release on Tuesday, October 5, 2021, at 9 p.m. ET (8 p.m. CT) on Fox, and will air weekly through October 19, 2021.

Our Kind of People Episode 2 Recap

Leah informs Raymond that she will be taking charge. They have a party. Raymond counsels his closest buddy and partner Jack on gaining greater control and reminds him that he is the one who has gotten them into financial difficulties. Angela has the opportunity to speak with Leah’s dementia-stricken mother and learns that she gave her away for money for at least six months after giving birth to her before getting her back. Piggy was well aware of the situation. Angela is Leah’s sister, and Teddy is aware that she is in town. When Taylor wakes up and accuses Lauren of shoving her over, she is jailed for attempted murder. It’s right after she tells her mother that she’s gay.

Teddy outsmarts Leah and reclaims the company, which irritates Raymond. Before Lauren can catch them, Jack overhears their quarrel and kisses Leah. When Angela enlists Tyrique’s help with renovations, she discovers a secret room. He continues to tell her about his father, and the two grow closer. Angela discusses getting into the incubator program with Raymond. Angela can drag them all down, Leah and Teddy know. Teddy comes over to speak with Piggy, and it’s evident that they have a closer relationship than Angela realized. They dispersed Eve’s remains.

‘Our Kind of People’ Season 1 Cast

Yaya DaCosta takes on the lead role of single mother Angela Vaughn, Alana Bright, who portrays Angela’s daughter, Nikki, while the Oscar-nominated film Boyz N the Hood star, Morris Chestnut, Nadine Ellis, and Rhyon Nicole Brown play Raymond, Leah, and Lauren Dupont respectively. Other cast members include Kyle Bary as Quincy Dupont, Joe Morton as Teddy Franklin, and Lance Gross as Tyrique Freeman.

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