New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 17 Recap – Has Helen lost her voice? Will she never be able to speak?

New Amsterdam Season 4 -Episode -17-

The good news is that everyone who went missing after getting drunk at a karaoke bar was traced. But New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 17 dealt a major blow to the end of the program tonight. And this is what fans are quite concerned about.  For #Sharpwin fans, there’s good news in the form of Max and Helen’s engagement, as well as the fact that she didn’t die after getting drunk on the night of the party. But the episode’s conclusion plunged fans into another’s sadness. Helen’s medical emergency forces her and her new fiancé Max (more on that later) to confront a problem they’ve never had to face before.

In New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 17, Max hurried Helen to the hospital after finding her unconscious on the floor, where they discovered she had several blood clots throughout her body. A hysterotomy was one of the surgeries she’d need, which caused Helen to pause. While Max maintained that the treatment was necessary to save her life, Helen contended that it would fundamentally alter who she is as a person, not to mention prevent her from having children. And, yeah, Max informed her that he is highly interested in having a child with her. Helen eventually chose a different, riskier course of treatment, which was successful in removing some blood clots. However, things quickly deteriorated, and Helen was rushed to the hospital for an emergency operation. Max proposes to her after they discuss having children – they want to have one together. “Would you please make me the happiest man in the ICU?” “Are you willing to marry me?” She battled anguish fully to respond to Max as she awoke near the end of the episode. Helen finds she can’t speak. Her capacity to speak has been lost. 

We’d like to believe it’s not. We are hoping that this is just a one- or two-episode twist that will be wrapped up before the conclusion. Do we want to be hopeful? but executive producer Peter Horton tells TVline, “we don’t know if she’ll ever get it back.” “It could take a week, two years, or it could never happen.” And those are the story’s stakes. It’s a fantastic early trial for their loyalty and fidelity to one other because it’s a love that’s just burgeoning and ready to culminate.”

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