Netflix’s New Turkish Movie ‘Leyla Everlasting’ Official Trailer Released

Netflix's New Turkish Movie 'Leyla Everlasting' Official Trailer Released

Netflix has dropped out the official trailer for the Comedian Turkish Movie Leyla Everlasting which is directed by Ezel Akay (Ezop). It starring Haluk Bilginer, Demet Akbag, Elcin Sangu, FFiratırat Tanis, and Alican Yucesoy.

The movie follows a housewife, her husband, and their marriage therapist who becomes mired in a toxic love triangle and a plot to get an antique manuscript.

Leyla Everlasting will be available on December 4, 2020, only on Netflix.

One marriage. Two loves. Three troubles, nine lives Leyla…Adem (Haluk Bilginer), decided to end his 20 years marriage with Leyla (Demet Akbag) for his gorgeous mistress Nergis (Elcin Sangu). But it seems that it is nearly impossible to get rid of Leyla naturally. And if he doesn’t find a solution, his forbidden lover Nergis will slip through his fingers very soon.

Besides his love life, Adem has to deal with Mr. Mahdum (Firat Tanis) who is after Adam’s antique handwritten manuscript, and his jealous lawyer Greed (Alican Yucesoy).

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