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The fictionalized depictions of Charles and Diana from The Crown are now being applied to Anne Boleyn on Netflix. The story of Henry VIII’s second wife is presented in a highly risqué manner in the new docudrama Blood, Sex, and Royalty. It is a ground-breaking new series that “explores Anne Boleyn’s incredible story from her own perspective in a modern and contemporary fashion.” It reveals the sensual, action-packed, high-stakes narrative of an incredible lady who broke the rules in every way. It is based on historical facts. .  ( Here’s everything viewers need to know about  Blood, Sex, and Royalty.

Blood, Sex, and Royalty Release Date

On November 23, Netflix will release the new three-part docudrama Blood, Sex, and Royalty, which centers on the dramatic tale of Anne Boleyn and her relationship with King Henry VII.

Blood, Sex, and Royalty Cast

Amy James-Kelly as Anne Boleyn
Max Parker as Henry Tudor
Simonas Mozura as Henry Percy
Aron von Andrian as Thomas Wyatt
Adam Astill
Sophie Boettge
Lois Brabin-Platt
Callum Coates
Stephen Fewell
Nikhita Lesler
Jhon Lumsden
Owen Emmerson (Self)

Blood, Sex, and Royalty Locations

Executive producer Ben Goold’s team discovered places, like Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital city’s Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, Hever Castle 30 miles southeast of London, in the English village of Hever, Kent, close to Edenbridge, is where you can find Hever Castle. It was initially constructed in the 13th century as a farmhouse. It served as the family seat for the Boleyns from 1462 to 1539. . Additionally, Anne’s attire is a representation of the vibrantly colored world.

Blood, Sex, and Royalty Trailer

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