I Am a Killer Season 4 Release Date | First Look

I Am a Killer Season 4 Release Date

Interviews with death row inmates are featured in the Netflix and Crime+Investigation UK series I Am a Killer. Season 2 premiered in the UK in 2019 and on Netflix in other countries starting on January 31, 2020. Season 3 of the show debuted on Netflix in the US on August 30, 2022. (tvacute.com) Here’s a detailed look at what to anticipate from I Am a Killer season 4.

In the UK, a specialized network called Crime and Investigation is where the series premieres. Given how well-liked serial killer documentaries generally do, it should not be surprising that the Netflix series became popular right away.

I Am a Killer Season 4 Release Date

I Am A Killer Season 4, a documentary series on serial killers will return on December 21st, 2022, across most of Netflix’s global distribution areas.

I Am a Killer Season 4 logline:  Premeditated deeds, tragic accidents or acts of self-defense? Murderers recount the harrowing crimes that landed them in prison with life sentences.

I Am a Killer Season 4 Trailer

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