NCIS Season 20 Episode 9 Recap! Ending Explained!

NCIS Season 20 Episode 9 Recap; The NCIS team is investigating the death of a college student who was crossing the street when she was murdered. This all sets up an extremely unique investigation, and that’s before we get to the next big twist: it turns out that this man had access to a lot of classified government documents. She/he might have been a member of a spy network. This student was connected to McGee’s (Sean Murray) wife Delilah (Margo Harshman). ( Here is all the information you require on the conclusion of NCIS Season 20 Episode 9 Recap.

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NCIS Season 20 Episode 9 Recap

On this week’s episode of NCIS, Knight (Katrina Law) is surprised to discover that McGee (Sean Murray) is a best-selling author of crime fiction who prefers to think of himself as a Tom Clancy rather than a John Grisham. Those tunes. McGee is searching for fresh inspiration, though, as his main character, Agent L.G. Tibbs, is now retired. Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) enthusiastically pitches a story about Miami investigator Rick Suarez in which a strange woman unexpectedly shows up to make out with him. Sadly, NROTC midshipman Will Watson’s passing ends his story.

Watson entered the roadway in just his underwear before being struck and murdered by a moving vehicle. Will had a body temperature of 107 degrees, Palmer (Brian Dietzen) learns, and additional inquiries reveal that he paid in cash everywhere and utilised burner phones. Further inquiry reveals that Will had met Delilah McGee, McGee’s wife, in the morning in the alleyway outside a cafe (Margo Harshman). McGee is understandably offended by this, so he shows up at Waverly University where Delilah is instructing a course on the foundations of cryptology and proudly observes as she completes her presentation.

One of Delilah’s pupils, Will met with her once a week to talk about his research project. It’s not wheelchair accessible through the main entrance, which understandably enrages the other agents, so he had to let her in the back of the cafe. Delilah is upset to learn that Will has passed away, and McGee is angry that he was unaware that his wife was having weekly meetings with a dashing college student. Evelyn, Delilah’s T.A., who is overjoyed to meet NCIS agent and author McGee, is the only person who is unaffected. I have no faith in Evelyn. No T.A. gets that fired up about evaluating students’ assignments.

Palmer claims that he discovered ecstasy in Will’s system and that it mixed with his medications to cause serotonin syndrome. Palmer justifies his decision to order a vanilla latte by saying that “Life’s too short for poor coffee.” The brothers at the fraternity where Will was pledging are therefore the next group of offenders. The student who answers the fraternity door thinks Knight and Torres are parents when they rap on the door. The agents, who are understandably horrified, alternately assure one another that they are still stunning. I adore their buddy-buddy relationship. Will wasn’t available to wash his laundry, so one of the brothers complained that he did it himself and bleached his favorite shirt. Logan, however, has a much tougher time accepting the news of Will’s passing.

The agents discover a laptop concealed in Will’s mattress, and Kasie (Diona Reasonover) discovers an unsettlingly potent cypher on it that could be used as a master key to get over just much any security system imaginable and wreak havoc on the entire world. Now the spotlight is on Delilah, whose government clearance may have allowed Will access to secret databases. She informs McGee that she handed Will’s cypher to him as an illustration of how failures do not have to spell the end of your career after realising that it is one of her broken codes from graduate school.

Delilah is concerned about losing her job and potentially going to jail after Will improved her code and made it the ideal hacking tool. McGee, in contrast, hints enviously that she purposefully kept her meetings with Will a secret. It appears that there will be tension at home tonight. Kasie and Knight, who are unable to deny having overheard the McGees argue, come to the conclusion that Will most likely copied the key to an external drive, similar to the one missing from Will’s keychain—his keychain that has been bleach-wiped. They leave for the frat bro with the bleached shirt. He quickly accuses pledge Jared of being involved in a fight with Will after searching through his room. Jared also had $500,000 in an offshore account that was opened around the time he pledged to the fraternity late. Jared manages to get away when the team arrives at his home to question him by running to a waiting dog grooming vehicle. Parker (Gary Cole), however, is aware that the van is a fictitious firm the FBI employs for covert operations. Jared is corrupt!

What kind of suburban neighborhood fever dream was that fraternity home situated in, as a side note? I’m not sure how Greek life is handled in the D.C. metro area, but where I reside, Greek Row is concentrated on a single campus-area block and none of the frat houses are immaculate mansions on quiet, gently curving suburban streets. Anyway, when it is revealed that Jared is Agent Clarkson, who is actually 37 years old, everyone is startled. And it was he who referred to Torres and Knight as being old! When Clarkson was trying to bust spies on the Waverly campus, they nearly disclosed his secret, which infuriated him. He cloned the burner phone after learning that Will had been hired by Belarus to create the access key. When Will used to communicate with his handler, the FBI was unable to decipher the texts. Delilah is brought in to assist Kasie, giving the two of them the chance to patch things up. Actually, Delilah spends the majority of the time helping McGee get over his post-Gibbs writing slump, but I suppose that’s okay for them.

Delilah, who has been given new life, utilises Will’s alterations to create an even more potent cypher to decode the phone, revealing his controller to be Evelyn the T.A. Ha! I was aware that anyone who was enthusiastic about grading student work was hiding something. The signals indicate that Will wanted to back out, and when questioned, Evelyn maintains her cheery demeanour even after learning that they cracked the code, maybe because she was present when Will passed away in the library. She could be a spy for Belarus, but she’s not a killer. When Delilah mentions that Will’s roommate Logan abandoned her class after failing the first project, the puzzle is complete. Logan tries to run on campus, but Knight, a former disc golf captain, hits him with a well-placed frisbee and causes him to fall off his scooter. Logan acknowledges that he used Will’s USB that had the hacking code to alter his failing grades, which he attributes to the stress of rushing. Though he never intended for his roommate to pass away, he gave Will the medications to keep him busy during the operation. Delilah is delighted to learn that at least one of her former pupils wasn’t a spy after all, and McGee informs her that he has discovered a new inspiration in the person of a stunning and talented cryptologist by the name of Delena Fleming.

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