Naomi Season 1 Episode 6 Release Date | Promo – What will she discover next?

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 Naomi Season 1 Episode 5 saw Naomi and her friends spend a relaxing vacation in the forest. Naomi could unwind from her daily stresses, spend time with her friends, and possibly reconcile with Nathan. But the cosmos had other ideas for her, and she should have expected nothing at this time. (read the recap below) Let’s move tonight’s episode. the episode’s title will be “Homecoming.” In this episode, Naomi and her friends are excited about the long-running event in Port Oswego, Oregon. Nathan and Anthony get into a fight. This causes a lot of tension. Naomi, on the other hand, may have found a new source of information.  At, we have everything we know about  Naomi Season 1 Episode 6

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Naomi: Season 1 Episode 6 Promo

Naomi: Season 1 Episode 6 Synopsis

“RESPECT FOR TRADITION – It’s Homecoming in Port Oswego and Naomi (Kaci Walfall) and her fellow students are buzzing with excitement in anticipation of the town’s longstanding event, but the tension between Nathan (Daniel Puig) and Anthony (Will Meyers) escalates when Anthony feels his hometown tradition is being disrespected by a military kid. Meanwhile, Naomi discovers a potential new source of information, but they may know more than she bargained for. A revelation from his encounter with the bounty hunter sends Dee (Alexander Wraith) looking for answers about someone from his past, while Zumbado (Cranston Johnson) has a run in with Greg (Barry Watson) and Jennifer (Mouzam Makkar).”  

Naomi Season 1 Episode 6 Release Date

Naomi Season 1 Episode 6 will premiere on The CW on March 1, 2022, at 9 p.m. ET.”  Naomi will learn more about how her parents discovered her in the wilderness in this episode. The show is also available to watch on The CW’s official website. Furthermore, the show is accessible to watch on Amazon Prime Video. Meanwhile, in Australia, the show airs on Binge every Wednesday at 5 p.m. AEDT.

Naomi: Season 1 Cast

Kaci Walfall, Barry Watson, Mouzam Makkar, Mary-Charles Jones, Anthony Puig, Camila Moreno, Will Meyers, Aidan Gemme, Alexander Wraith, and Cranston Johnson are among the cast members of Naomi.

Naomi Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Naomi and Nathan went on their first date months ago, as shown in flashbacks. Naomi finishes her first meditation session and tells Dee that she’s been experiencing nightmares about the bounty hunter attack and is terrified. Naomi, Annabelle, Anthony, Nathan, and their classmates are going on a school vacation to Shadow Ridge for a week of camping. The counselors tell the story of Moonshine Jimmy, a man who ran out of alcohol at the camp and then slaughtered the other campers. Nathan and Naomi meet in the woods to discuss their budding romance, but Anthony stops them in a daze, claiming to have seen Moonshine Jimmy. The next day, the youngsters investigate and find out that Belinda, a Shadow Ridge alum, had similar experiences to Anthony. They proceed to her cottage that night, where they see the blue light Anthony described from his meeting, but they are apprehended by the Director.

Jennifer is brought in by Commander Steel to examine writing found on an artifact, which happens to be Naomi’s rock. Dee pays Zumbado a visit and informs him that the bounty hunter, Jeager, is still in town and that they must stop him. The youngsters dig some more and find a camcorder, which shows Belinda discovering the shining rock in the forest and running into someone she knows before the video cuts out. Jenn and Greg break into the base lab, swapping material samples from Naomi’s rock, and later informing Commander Steel that the lettering on the artifact isn’t extraterrestrial. Dee and Zumbado track down Jeager and learn about his other targets. Naomi continues her investigation and meets Anthony late at night when the two discover briefcases full of Dilustel, a shimmering blue gemstone that throws Anthony off. As Naomi assists him in leaving, they are accosted by Counselor Jeff, who reveals himself to be an alien, and Naomi uses her abilities to help them escape. Qyeala was on Jeager’s list, according to Zumbado. Naomi expresses her desire to give their relationship a shot.

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