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If you have a passion for Cars, you will enjoy the new show Drive Hard: The Maloof Way. particularly those where a shop makes improvements to a car to make it operate better and/or faster. A new show follows a prominent racing family as they plan and carry out amazing feats on movie sets in addition to working on client projects. The Maloof family is well-known in Southern California for modifying vehicles and engines for racing, but Sammy has spent a quarter-century working as a stunt driver in major motion pictures. In Season 1 of Drive Hard: The Maloof Way, keep up with Sammy Maloof and his daughters as they undertake amazing feats and offer clients the competitive edge by customizing improvements to their race vehicles. Additionally, this season includes two special guests: The Car Chasers host Jeff Allen and radio host and comedian Adam Carolla. Ahead of its premiere on Netflix, (’re here to introduce you to the cast of the reality show “Drive Hard: The Maloof Way”.

Who is Sammy Maloof

Sammy’s first vehicle was a 1968 Z28 Camaro in black and gold. He raced his unbeatable automobile in the street racing for many years. In order to launch his company, Maloof Racing Engines, in 1984, he later gave up street racing. Sammy specializes in creating racing engines with high horsepower using his unique custom combinations. Sammy’s art has appeared in a lot of well-known periodicals and television programs.

Sammy has over 25 years of experience working in Hollywood as a professional stuntman and also owns and operates his own engine shop with his family. He works closely with his twin daughters Kaitlyn and Meghan to plan and execute stunts for movies, commercials, and music videos as a stunt driver coach. He is a true gearhead who uses listening to identify engine issues. He imparts his expertise to his oldest daughter Hannah and provides each client with wise counsel from his street racing days to ensure that both the driver and the car are prepared to win the upcoming race. Maloof has taken part in stunt work for a number of big-budget movies, including 2 Fast 2 Furious, Mission Impossible,Rush Hour, and Gone in 60 Seconds. He most recently contributed to the action movie Wrath of Man by Guy Ritchie.

Meet Hannah Maloof

At the Maloof engine shop, Hannah is the head mechanic and Sammy’s right hand in addition to being a rising drag racer. She rapidly recognizes any automotive faults and has a strong ear for engine issues like her father. Hannah delegated inspections and repairs while putting up with the antics of her cousin Josh and younger brother Trevor while working closely with them. She maintains composure and concentration while racing and allows her car to speak for itself.

When Hannah was 13 years old, her father, Sammy Maloof, started teaching her how to perform precision stunt driving. When she was 16 years old, she was hired as a background driver for her first non-union job. Since then, Hannah has been booked for numerous stunts, and she recently joined the SAG community. To see her most recent projects and her stunt reel, go to the stunt Resumé page. ​ While racing also played a significant role in her life early on, engine construction is now a major aspect of it. In addition to riding in her parents’ laps since she was 2 years old, Hannah began driving at the age of 7. She started participating in drag racing at an early age. She was on the track the day after getting her driver’s license. On a Thursday night, Hannah and her father drove the 1995 Dodge Ram truck she used for work down to Irwindale Speedway, where Hannah first discovered her affinity for drag racing.

Kaitlyn Maloof

Kaitlynn Maloof was born into a family of drivers because she is the daughter of Sammy Maloof and his wife, Jennifer Maloof. Growing up in a close-knit family, she also observed her older sister Hannah becoming an accomplished drag racer, her twin sister Meghan taking up stunt driving, and her younger brother Trevor immersing himself in vehicle mechanics. Kaitlyn is an apprentice stunt driver together with her twin sister, Meghan. Kaitlyn is picking up the slack by doing everything from planning and setting up stunts to carrying them out. She claims that she is less cautious than Meghan when it comes to stunt driving and would rather “go for it.” She competes with her twin in a friendly rivalry to perform trickier tricks. Kaitlynn Maloof wants to keep her private life private and avoids talking about it much in public. Even further, she restricted her internet activity and made her social media accounts private.

Meghan Maloof

Meghan is comparable to Kaitlyn as a stunt driver, albeit she isn’t quite as fearless as her twin sister, and her more cautious demeanor helps her when performing more difficult feats. And if something goes wrong, she gathers herself and returns to finish the task properly.  Sammy taught Meghan to be a stuntwoman while she was also pursuing her education, and she quickly rose to prominence in the field. She is also recognized for her contributions to the 2014 and 2015 films “Santa Claws” and “Tattooed Love,” as well as her work as a stunt rigger and director’s assistant on the video short “Doritos Stuntdouble.” Meghan loves to keep her private life private, she hasn’t made many public comments regarding her romantic situation.

The eight-episode reality series Drive Hard: The Maloof Way debuts on August 26 at 4.00 am ET.

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