[Lifetime] Bodyguard Seduction Movie Story About

[Lifetime] Bodyguard Seduction Movie Story About

With Bodyguard Seduction this weekend, Lifetime’s Love, Lies, and Seduction schedule comes to an end. In the Bodyguard Seduction movie, a wealthy businesswoman and, you guessed it, her bodyguard, fall in love. Charly is a woman who pursues her goals after identifying them. Jonathan is a part of that. Although she is prepared to fall in love with him, Charly is forced to consider her support system when her life is in danger.

She wishes she could rule out Jonathan from being engaged in her attempted murder, but she can’t. But just because Charly’s life is in jeopardy does not automatically indicate that she will accuse the man. No, she’s going to entice him to tell the truth. Charly is determined to find out what is happening, whether Jonathan is the murderer or not. She won’t wait for her death to actually happen since she is not a woman to be trifled with. While many people have expressed interest in the film’s production details and cast members, others have doubts about how closely the thriller resembles real life. Is the movie fictional or is it based on real events? Well, that’s what (tvacute.com)we’re here for.

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No, the plot of “Bodyguard Seduction” is not based on a true incident. As a part of Lifetime’s “Love, Lies and Seduction” series, Paul A. Birkett wrote the film. Watch the trailer below.

Bodyguard Seduction Lifetime Release Date

Lifetime will broadcast the movie on Saturday, August 27 at 8 p.m. ET. If you miss the first showing of Bodyguard Seduction, it will be rebroadcast on Sunday, August 28 at 12:01 a.m. ET. On mylifetime.com, streaming will start the next day.

Bodyguard Seduction Movie Cast

Bodyguard Seduction Cast Charly, is played by Jessica Morris, Jonathan is played by Ross Jirgl, Anthony Vargas, is played by , and Diane Larson is played by Carrie Schroeder. Lark is Alicia Blasingame. as Mindy, Lauren Mayo As Baylor, Jarrid Masse Romero, played by Michael Morano As Dr. Dankoff, Daphne O’Neal As Godfrey, Jesse Klick Matt as Maurice Carter.

Bodyguard Seduction Locations

The majority of “Bodyguard Seduction” was shot in California, specifically Los Angeles. Josh Maas served as the lead cinematographer during the film’s alleged February 2022 principal photography, which went by the working title “Her Bodyguard.” Let’s now examine the specifics of the romance thriller’s production spots in more detail.

How to Watch Bodyguard Seduction Without Cable

If you live in the US, Sling TV offers Lifetime on all 3 of its tiers, so you may watch the movie there. Hulu + Live TV is an additional choice because it provides more than 75 live TV channels, including Lifetime. Bodyguard Seduction is available on Philo, which offers Lifetime. You can watch the movie online at Lifetime using your TV provider’s login. Bodyguard Seduction may be available on Foxtel Now in Australia. We apologize that we were unable to find a solution for people in the UK to watch the movie locally. To get over this problem, use a strong VPN to watch Bodyguard Seduction online because it will bypass any geo-restrictions and change your virtual location.

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