Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 9 Recap: Is Robert Dead?

Since the beginning of the series of Taylor Sheridan and Hugh Dillon’s Mayor of Kingstown, there hasn’t been one installment in which there wasn’t some sort of violent conflict taking place in Kingstown. So, the mind-numbing massacre has become the standard in this town, and Mike never gets tired of battling for what he thinks is best for the community’s health and safety. In episode 2x8 of “Mayor of Kingstown,” it was seen that Mike was getting drunk while everyone else was seeking him. At that point, Bunny (Tobi Bamtefa) had been released from jail, and the complainant had retracted her allegations against Robert. At the very end, Mike found himself in direct confrontation with Milo himself. The most recent episode focuses on Mike as he attempts to understand a bargain that was proposed by Milo while also dealing with the changes that occurred while his absence. If you’re seeking explanations for the ninth episode of the first season of ‘Mayor of Kingstown.’ provides everything you need to know!

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Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

At the beginning of the ninth episode, which is titled “Peace in the Valley,” Mike and Milo run into each other at a diner. Mike, however, pretends that he is familiar with the bonds, but Milo makes a deal with him anyway. Milo gives his word that he will exit Kingstown, Michigan if he is given the bonds, and in exchange, he concurs to let Iris go free as an incentive. Despite this, Mike does not give in to the temptation to start making a deal with him. After heading on a drinking binge, Mike finds Kyle waiting for him when he gets back to his office. Mike divulges the details of his encounter with Milo and provides an update on the whereabouts of Iris. But Kyle is conscious of what’s going on with Iris, and he and Mike make an argument about it because Mike doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Kyle to get involved in something that could turn out to be risky. In addition, Mike is informed that Bunny has been released from jail. Kyle reassures Mike to give call their mother and let her know that he is okay. Mike receives a call from Mariam McLusky, who requests that he investigate Jacob’s transfer. Mike approaches Kareem with a favor request and gives him the instruction to find Jacob.

In another part of the story, Bunny and his crew rob a gun store, making off with all of the ammunition and firearms there. Ian places a call to Mike and requests that he come to the gun store. Mike is informed by Ian that Bunny was involved in the heist, and Ian assures Mike that he will discuss the matter with the Crips gang leader. Nevertheless, Mike is more concerned about the investigation being conducted by Internal Affairs against Robert Sawyer (Hamish Allan-Headley) who is the head of the department’s special weapons and tactics unit. It is revealed by Ian that the investigation into Internal Affairs has been terminated. As a direct consequence of this, Mike pays Evelyn Foley a visit at the District Attorney’s office in order to express his gratitude to her for assisting him with Bunny’s discharge and Robert’s legal matter. However, Evelyn does not want to accept the blame for what she did.

After hanging himself in his cell in the prison, Jacob took his own life by hanging himself from a truck. Mike finds out that Jacob has passed away, and he tells Mariam, who is utterly heartbroken by the reports of the young man’s untimely passing. Evelyn claims that the Warwick gang is the one responsible for Bunny’s discharge, despite the fact that the most important whistleblower in Robert’s case has passed away. Should Eveyln win the election for District Attorney, she pledges to bring criminal charges against Mike and his associates in the criminal underworld.

After some time has passed, Mike pays Bunny a meeting at his hiding place and quizzes him about the armed robbery. Bunny is seeking vengeance for the deaths of his brothers that occurred during the protests in the prison. Mike, even so, cautions him that declaring war at this time will undo all of their tough endeavors and begin a bloodbath that cannot be stopped. Mike gets a call from Iris very at midnight, and during the conversation, she schedules a session for the very next day him. Milo manipulates Iris to get Mike to give up the bonds, but Mike appears to be aware of Milo’s manipulation of Iris. The next day, Joseph attacks Iris while she is staying at a hotel, and Iris ends up killing him in self-defense. After an argument between Kyle and Tracy, the latter goes to spend some time with her dad for the next few days. In the meantime, Mike makes an effort to prevent Bunny from beginning a conflict that affects the entire city.

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 9 Recap: Is Robert Dead?

Mike finds out that the ATF is now involved in the investigation of the gun robbery. As a direct consequence of this, Mike feels worried for Bunny and requests that he hand over the firearms. On the contrary hand, Bunny is making preparations to carry out a plan that will allow him to take revenge for the deaths of members of his gang that occurred during the riots in the prison. Bunny is intent on exacting revenge on the police officers who were responsible for the deaths of his friends during the riots. After coming to the conclusion that Robert’s life is in jeopardy, Mike goes looking for him but is unable to locate him. At the end of the episode, While Robert is walking home from the gym, he is attacked by a group of motorcyclists and they begin to assault him. As Mike makes his way to the accident site, the motorcyclists are already moved, and Robert is found lying motionless and badly wounded on the ground. It strongly implies that he is dead. 

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