A real veterans group called ‘No Veteran Dies Alone’ Magnum PI Season 4 Episode 17 ‘Remember Me Tomorrow’ Release Date

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(l-r) Max Gail as Bob Braddock and Jay Hernandez as Thomas Magnum

The first thing to mention is that you will have not to wait a long time for the Jay Hernandez series Magnum PI’s new episode. Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 17 will air on Friday, April 1, 2022, 9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT on CBS. Magnum meets a real veterans group called No Veteran Dies Alone.

A Suspected Bomber case was the main focus of the episode. Ryder was duped by his next-door neighbor and blew up an office building. TC was able to have another date with Mahina after apologizing to her.  Read Magnum PI Recap below. After watching episode 16, fans are eager to see what a new episode has in store for them. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for Magnum PI Season 4 Episode 17 photos and promotional materials: www.tvacute.com.

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Magnum PI Season 4 Episode 17 Recap

Magnum PI Season 4 Episode 17 Spoilers

In some ways, “Remember Me Tomorrow” will bring the event back to one of its most significant causes. For those who are curious, the No Veteran Dies Alone Program is real, and you can learn more about it here. Magnum will volunteers with a real veterans group called No Veteran Dies Alone in tonight’s episode. The NVDA initiative is based on the “No One Dies Alone” program and is intended to honor Veterans while also meeting the needs of people who, for whatever reason, find themselves alone. This will be a major plot point for Magnum, whilst Higgins will be put in a difficult situation when her new “client” turns out to be a twelve-year-old girl.

New Magnum PI Season 4 Episode 17 Synopsis

Magnum P.I. 2019 Season 4.17 Synopsis:Higgins is in a complicated situation when 12-year-old Ella asks for help cracking a triple homicide that involves her mother; Magnum bonds with a terminally ill veteran while volunteering with the No Veteran Dies Alone Program.

Where to Watch Magnum PI Season 4 Episode 17?

Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 17 will air on Friday, April 1, 2022, 9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT on the CBS Television Network. It is also available to stream life and on-demand on Paramount+. Available on Hulu, YouTube TV, and Amazon Prime Video (Premium subscription). Available on YouTube For $1.99, Google Play Movies & TV From $1.99, Apple TV $1.99, Vudu $1.99

Magnum PI Season 4 Episode 17 Cast

REGULAR CAST: Jay Hernandez (Thomas Magnum) Perdita Weeks (Juliet Higgins) Zachary Knighton (Orville “Rick” Wright) Stephen Hill (Theodore “TC” Calvin) Tim Kang (Det. Gordon Katsumoto) Amy Hill (Kumu) GUEST CAST: Betsy Phillips (Suzy Madison) Hala Finley (Ella Vaughn) Niall Matter (Cole Vaughn) Max Gail (Bob Braddock) Rebeka Montoya (Clara Bolton) Chris Jayme (Bryan) Robert Pine (Danny) Nicholas Duvernay (Adam Akamu) Hilliard Joshua Meeks (Alan) Kurt Yamamoto (Don) Mia Adams (Leilani) Ida Anderson (Nurse) WRITTEN BY: Mike Diaz, Barbie Kligman and Katie Varney DIRECTED BY: Bryan Spicer

Magnum PI Season 4 Episode 17 Photos

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Magnum PI Season 4 Episode 16 Recap

Higgins was on a hiking run with a friend who advised her to consider dating Thomas now that he was single. A bomb goes off in an office building, on the other hand. Juliet notices the smoke from the explosion that killed three people and injured a few others after Higgins and Maleah race up Diamond Head. Soon after, HPD arrived, the investigation began, and a video from the alleged bomber’s building was widely distributed. The item, Duke informs Katsumoto, was a little fertilizer bomb. Surveillance catches the bomber wearing a hoodie. Meanwhile, a woman named Nora came knocking on Thomas’ door. She hired Higgins and Thomas to track down her son Ryder, who was unmistakably identified as the alleged bomber in the video.

Despite Thomas and Higgins’ advice, Nora urged them to find Ryder before the HPD did and safely hand him over to the authorities. Thomas commented on how he could feel what Nora felt because he and his mother were there when they were wrongfully accused, and what if Ryder was not guilty after they left to check out Ryder’s room first. Nora informed them at the house that Ryder had grown close to their next-door neighbour Pete, who had become a father figure to him after his father died. While they examined the room, Thomas requested Nora to phone Pete. HPD arrived at the house when Thomas, Higgins, Nora, and Pete were discussing Ryder’s condition, and Gordon was not pleased to see Thomas and Higgins there. He was especially disappointed that they didn’t inform him because it was such a significant topic. Gordon brought Nora to the police station to be interrogated. Meanwhile, Thomas and Higgins proceeded to the docks to look for Ryder on the family’s boat, where he might be hiding. They found him and handed him over to the cops, where he confessed to the bombing and accepted full responsibility. Despite the fact that he was the one who pressed the fire alarm to get everyone out, Thomas and Higgins were certain that he had been pressured to take credit.

Gordon also discovered that Ryder had no idea how the device was constructed. As a result, Thomas and Higgins followed Ryder’s tracks backward until they arrived at a nursery with a large amount of fertilizer. Furthermore, they discovered Pete as the owner and assumed he was the one who detonated the device. His idea, on the other hand, was to disconnect electricity to a secure place containing a large sum of money and rob it. Fortunately, the HPD encircled the area and caught Pete and his criminal associates. In the end, Ryder was sentenced to prison, but for a shorter period of time. TC was able to have another date with Mahina after apologizing to her for ghosting her earlier in the day.

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