Locke & Key Season 3: Where is Filmed?

locke & key season 3

The popular Netflix series Locke and Key left quite an effect on viewers when it debuted in February 2020, enthralling them for 10 episodes, and doing the same for them in its second season in 2021. And now, as the program returns to the streamers for its 3rd and last season, they will receive even more. The Locke siblings learn in their new home that the Keyhouse has several enigmatic keys which can be used to magically open a number of doors. However, a demonic force with its own evil plans is also looking for these keys.

Netflix has just published a trailer for the third season of Locke & Key and judging by it, the series has no intention of holding back when it comes to thrills, spills, and potential murders. Season 2 took things on a considerably darker path, evoking the comic book source material much more closely, and season 3 may follow suit. Eden employs the Echo Key in season 3 and summons Captain Frederick Gideon back as an echo with plans to take vengeance on the Locke family. Many fans are curious as to where the third season of “Lockey & Key” was filmed as the show draws to a close. tvacute have you covered if you’re a person who is naturally curious!

Where was Netflix’s original Series Locke and Keys filmed?

Toronto, Mississauga, Woodstock, and Lunenburg were the locations used for “Locke & Key” season 3 filming in Ontario and Nova Scotia. Early in May 2021, the third installment of the fantasy thriller series began principal photography, which was completed in September that year. The filming crew created the imaginary town of Matheson, Massachusetts, which is where the series is based, by combining real-world locales and sets from other Canadian cities. So let’s get right to the exact locations that feature in the fantasy series’ third season without wasting any time!

Locke & Key Season 3 Filmed in Ontario’s Toronto

The season finale of “Locke & Key” featured a number of crucial scenes that were filmed in Toronto, the largest city in Canada and the capital of Ontario. Similar to the first two seasons, the third season’s production crew taped a number of outside and interior shots at Cinespace Film Studios. The interior shots depicting the Keyhouse and the Drowning Caves were filmed in the studio, which is located at 777 Kipling Avenue #300 in Etobicoke. It was established in 1988 and has numerous large stages that are sufficient to handle all production needs.

The majority of the sequences from season 3 that took place in or around the fictional Matheson Academy were filmed on the campus of Humber College, located at 205 Humber College Boulevard in Etobicoke. Additionally, only the front facade of the Keyhouse building was actually built by the filming crew in Toronto; the remainder was created digitally. The production crew camped out on the Lakeside Promenade in Mississauga, a nearby city to Toronto in the Canadian province of Ontario, to record some crucial scenes. The actors and crew were seen filming numerous significant sequences at Museum Square in Woodstock, a city in Southwest Ontario, in May 2021, early in the third round’s production. According to rumors, they transformed the Square into a component of the fictitious Matheson.

Locke & Key Season 3 shot in  Nova Scotia’s Lunenburg

Additional episodes of “Locke & Key” season 3 were filmed at the harbor city of Lunenburg on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. This town served as the location for the majority of the Drowning Caves’ exterior sequences. In reality, throughout most of the series, Lunenburg served as a stand-in for the fictional Matheson. For the third season, Montague Street, Bluenose Drive, and 9 King Street in downtown Lunenburg served as the backdrop for some crucial exterior scenes that were filmed on location.

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