Lionsgate released the trailer for its true events Movie “Green Rush”

Lionsgate released the trailer for its true events Movie Green Rush cast Andre Fili

Lionsgate recently released the trailer for the new movie Green Rush, which based on true events. The movie premieres on April 14 on UHD, On-Demand, and Redbox. Check out below to watch the trailer. In the movie, you can see many twists and turns. The cast includes Andre Fili, Mike Foy, Paul Telfer, Kriss Dozal, and Misha Crosby.

About Green Rush

Created by Rick Lee and produced by Urijah Faber, This chilling, white-knuckle thriller inspired by actual events unfold in the wilds of California, now a lawless free-for-all thanks to legalized cannabis. Rob, his pregnant lover Maria, and his brother Caleb are struggling to make a profit from their marijuana farm. But soon, an angry worker turns against them and joins forces with sadistic criminal Ticker to steal the farm’s hidden supply of cash. When the three are held hostage and forced to submit to Ticker’s cruel games, their survival will take courage, smarts—and blood.

Green Rush Movie made entirely with investments of Lionsgate. The series has the general direction of Rick Lee and Danny Acosta also has a writing credit on the film. Lee and Roxburgh brought Faber on to help produce.

Lee told MMA Junkie., “The movie involves a lot of twists and turns. It’s pretty dark – it’s pretty dark. I think a lot of people are going to be surprised. It’s not 100 percent true as far as everything that happened in real life, but the movie is based on true events. We did our research.”

Not only is the film based on true events, but true events that happened to a mutual friend of Lee and Roxburgh. After hearing their friend’s story, the MMA filmmakers knew they had to make Green Rush a reality.

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