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Colman’s husband Ed Sinclair wrote the four-part play, which is not conveyed in the typical story-telling method. Director William Sharpe told Sky, “We cannot wait to unveil for you the odd shape-shifting facts that lay buried in the frightening yet deeply romantic world of Landscapers.” 

The tale flits from the perspectives of Susan and Christopher, the police, and the lawyers in an attempt to depict the perplexing nature of the case, employing bold images and disorienting story cuts (western cowboys are involved). The focus swings away from the heinous act and onto Susan and Christopher’s tragic love storey.

In real life, the pair maintains Susan’s reclusive parents’ existence by communicating with distant family members and filing vital documents on a regular basis. When William is contacted for a visit for his 100th birthday, they eventually turn themselves in.

The series follows the couple’s confession, arrest, and trial, as well as their memories of that tragic May bank holiday 15 years ago. Susan and Edward are found guilty of double murder and condemned to 25 years in prison, just as they were in real life. One that they are still enforcing.

Is there going to be a second season of Landscapers?

The episodes will air on a weekly basis, with the first season ending on December 27, 2021. Despite positive reviews, it is unlikely that the show will be renewed for a second season in 2022.. The story depicts the end of the Edwards couple’s strange life of independence in its own distinctive way. From their extravagant expenditures on Hollywood memorabilia to duping the police officer who lived next door to the Wycherley’s for nearly a decade, the Wycherley’s has a long history of deception.

We’ll never know what happened the day the Wycherleys were murdered because Susan and Christopher maintain a story full of discrepancies and lies, and the police piece together nonsensical evidence. Susan and Christopher’s reality, however, remains far more gloomy as they ride off into the sunset in the season finale.

Landscapers have four episodes available on NOW and Sky Atlantic in the United Kingdom.

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