Landscapers Episode 3 Release Date

First, we meet the Edwardses, their temporary exile in France, their horrific act, and their poverty. The police uncover the Wycherleys’ bodies approximately 15 years later. When Susan (Olivia Coleman) and Christopher (David Thewlis) return to England, we discover their innocence. Uncovering Susan’s childhood and worldview are painful for DC Emma (Kate O’Flynn). While Susan has a lawyer, Douglas Hylton (Dipo Ola), Christopher decides to go to the cops alone. Meanwhile, we get a peek at the couple’s previous, joyful and sad romance. The Edwardses, separated by a legal struggle, worry about their fate. Fans are naturally curious about the Edwardses’ destiny, the killings’ motives, and the upcoming judicial struggle. Here ( ‘s everything you need to know about the show ‘Landscapers’ episode 3 release date.

Mansfield double murder continues in ‘Landscapers’ episode 3

The third episode of ‘Landscapers’ may address Susan and Christopher’s past. Their relationship with William and Patricia Wycherley will be scrutinized. The couple’s fixation with old Hollywood may potentially be a plot component, revealing their shady finances. We may also learn the truth regarding Gérard Depardieu’s letters. We may also see Emma and Paul pressuring Susan and Christopher to admit to double murder rather than manslaughter.

Landscapers Episode 3 Synopsis: As the investigation into the Mansfield double murder continues, Susan and Chris’s past is revealed and secrets emerge.

Landscapers Episode 3 Release Date

‘Landscapers’ Episode 3 will air on HBO on December 20, 2021, at 9 p.m. ET. If you don’t have cable, you can watch the episode on HBO Max, which requires a subscription. The miniseries is divided into four episodes, each lasting about 55 minutes. Every Monday, new episodes will be broadcast, with the season finale scheduled for December 27, 2021.

Landscapers Episode 2 Recap

A flashback begins the storey. An unnamed young woman runs down a dusty road. William Wycherley (David Hayman) plays the organ as Patricia Wycherley (Felicity Montagu) takes medicines. Susan Edwards (Olivia Colman) is facing a wall. Her boss, Christopher Edwards (David Thewlis), orders the probe. He urges her to be honest. Susan and Christopher are loaded into separate paddy wagons and driven to jail. Susan is due to meet with attorney Douglas Hylton (Dipo Ola) tonight. Susan claims she and Chris are in “a pickle” throughout the call. Hylton enters the prison. Susan rises from her bed. Her cell lights up in seconds. A knock on Chris’ cell door awakens him. Breakfast tray retrieved through door slot He returns to his bed to have breakfast.

Hylton visits Susan in her cell. Susan’s cell is down the hall from Chris’. She wonders why Hylton advises keeping information from cops. She asks if he believes it. He’s attempting to keep her calm during the interviews. The trial or extension deadline is tonight. So Chris and Susan will be free. She wants to tell Chris about his “no comment” advice, but cops don’t let it. They confessed to the cops before being arrested. Hylton notes down her words. Susan took National Express from Victoria Coach Station to Mansfield the day before her parents died. Chris is waiting for her at the Victoria Coach Station. DC Deputy Chief Paul Wilkie (Samuel Anderson) and Susan meet at the jail. She is “wired like having “shit” in her pants,” she says. Susan and her lawyer enter the room. They stop what they’re doing and stare at Susan. Susan is interviewed by Wilkie and Lancing. It’s Chris mentally going over it. The National Express flashback appears as Hylton gives Susan’s statement to the cops. Susan claims her mother murdered her father. Her mental state is “fragile.” Susan killed her mother without Christopher’s knowledge. She doesn’t respond to Lancing’s query concerning the statement’s signature. Susan’s, says Hylton. Hylton advises her not to answer any more. “No comment,” she says. They then encounter DCI Tony Collier (Daniel Rigby). Gerard Depardieu is a buddy of Edward’s (Felicity Montagu). Susan thanks the cook for her tray. She complains about making microwave scrambled eggs. Susan and Chris relive the Broadway show “The Last Metro.” They eat at a nearby café. After discovering she missed the last train. Chris invites her to spend the night at his apartment. She nods grudgingly. Chris interviews without lawyer.

He tells the detectives what happened before the murders. When Susan returned to Mansfield, he stayed in London. He found out about her parents’ demise the next weekend. I could have stopped the shootings if I had accompanied Susan to Mansfield, he says. They took the National Express to Mansfield. Lancing, DCI Collier, and other detectives sit in on the interview.  The coroner believes they have enough evidence to convict Susan of manslaughter and Chris of interference. Lancing meets Susan. After Lancing mentions Chris, she says “no comment”. Inquiring if Chris is talking and if Hylton understands his service is free. “He’s chosen to be cooperative,” Lancing says, laughing. She scolds Hylton for telling her not to talk to the cops. Susan and Hylton are there. She hated the interview. He encourages her.   On Tuesday, Susan arrives at Victoria Coach Station, where Chris awaits her. Susan, he says, is unusually silent. She’s had a bad weekend and wants a drink. Chris orders a port and brandy for Susan at the London Pub. Flashback: Lancing and Wilkie at the London Pub. Susan shouldn’t go to prison, he tells Lancing. She couldn’t be the killer since William ruled her.

On Friday, Susan and Chris take the National Express from London to Mansfield. In a flashback, Lancing and Wilkie are with Susan and Chris on the coach. Susan tells Chris her parents are upstairs while they eat haddock. They stayed. He doesn’t understand why they haven’t come down. Susan admits they died. When Lancing wonders if the house smelled strange, Chris panics. Her parents were chain smokers, so he probably missed it. As Lancing and Wilkie exit the interview room, Lancing pretends to shoot Wilkie. DCI Collier yells for Sandra Winters (Nimisha Odedra). She found a bank account Susan opened after her mother died. Susan and her mother own the account. When DCI Collier leaves, Sandra is chastised for not keeping up. Sandra interviews Susan and her lawyer with Wilkie and Lancing. Susan is asked to read the date on the bank statement, May 5, 1998. She can’t remember opening it. Seeing Susan’s bank statement, Chris calls her “frugal.” She is obscene, mercenary and foolish, says Lancing. She corrects Chris when he says it’s “confusing.” “Open a bank account,” she advises. He says “mercenary” and then retracts it. In a flashback, Susan is at Chris’ house, where his mother is intoxicated. She tenderly kisses him goodnight. They’re eating breakfast while his mother cleans up. Susan becomes anxious and chooses to leave. Chris takes Susan home. She won’t let him meet her parents. She leaves him by the entrance door. They say their goodbyes and part ways. Chris turns around and sees her fighting with the entrance door. Her parents forbid her entry. Chris paces his cage.

Susan is led out of her cell and into the interview room. Her first words are “no comment”. When Susan won’t speak, Lancing gets a little rougher. Lancing claims tape. She describes her parents’ constant fights. She drank the night of the shootings. Around 2 a.m., she is woken by bangs. Her father is presumed dead. When she enters their room, her father is dead. She wildly shakes her firearm at Susan. It was still on the bed. Susan says she failed. When Susan’s mother admits to knowing what her father did to her, she is astonished. Susan recommends calling Chris, but her mother dismisses the idea. He only uses her for sex. Susan’s rage is growing. Susan’s life is horrible, she claims. Susan fires twice in the chest of her mother, who collapses. Her father molested her as a kid. He abused her after school when her mother was gone. Lancing compares the bullet holes and wonders if Chris was involved. She claims Chris aided her to protect Susan. “Of course, he constantly protects me,” Susan says. Chris buried their bodies. Susan ignores her lawyer’s advise. Chris and Susan are sitting on a park bench. Chris swears to keep her secret between them. Snow falls as the episode ends.

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