Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

Killing Eve Series 4 finale-

We pick up with Villanelle on an island off the coast of Scotland, where we left off in Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 6. It’s revealed that the lady she wrestled with last week was Gunn, the high-ranking Twelve members with whom Helene had been on the phone the week before. Gunn clearly does not want other people to find her, as she promptly apprehended an innocent-looking older man who was observed boating just off the beach. While an intrigued Villanelle looks on, Gunn brings him back to her house and fillets him while he’s still alive. They go on a hunt after that, and Villanelle wonders, if the crossbow Gunn is wielding, is the same one she used to shoot her two episodes earlier. They kiss later in the episode, and Gunn informs her she can move into the cabin (instead of the barn, where she was).

In the meantime, Eve has returned to her day job as a security detail for an unnamed wealthy woman. Yusuf notices that she is depressed and invites her to karaoke. She gets flashbacks of doing the same activities with some recognizable individuals from season one: Elena and Bill. It’s a stark reminder of how much her life has changed and how much she’s been through since the show’s events, and it’s understandable that it makes her even more miserable. Eve admits she’s not sure she wants to move on and live her life, and Yusuf tells her she has to. Yusuf finally gives up and walks away. Eve ends herself speaking with Martin, the doctor Villanelle nearly killed earlier in the season. To find herself and enjoy life, he advises her to spend time with the people she cares about.

Carolyn discovered last week on Lars’ body? She’s used it to track down certain codes that she believes will take her to a gathering of the heads of The Twelve’s various cells. There appear to be numerous references to birds, especially the barn swallow, Austria’s national bird. Carolyn is staying in a hotel in Salzburg that appears to be a birding hotspot until she meets Vlad, who reminds her of all the people she has betrayed and that she is entirely alone. Eve discovers a text message with a photograph of a barn swallow, indicating that she took Helene’s phone off her dead body. To discover what it is, she knocks on Konstantin’s door. He informs her that it is an invitation to a meeting, and they both conclude that The Twelve is unaware that Helene is no longer alive. Konstantin also informs Eve of the location of the Scottish island, hoping that by working together, they will have a better chance of surviving.

Pam is spending her day off at a Margate carnival, hanging out with that guy she had a fling with a few years ago. She receives a text from Margate with an assignment. We don’t find out what it is until she tells Konstantin how wonderful he has been to her. Because she slashes his throat with a pizza cutter, Killing Eve clearly enjoys a unique murder weapon. Unique! Konstantin wondered, resignedly, if the job had come from Helene while he was bleeding out. He sighs and tells her she’s dead when she answers yes. Pam becomes panicked and attempts unsuccessfully to stop the bleeding, but it is too late. He says there’s a letter for Carolyn in his bag, and Pam should tell her that he’s always loved her. Villanelle attempts to flee the island after realizing that Gunn will not assist her in escaping and is just another high-ranking Twelve members like the rest. With a machete, Gunn pursues her. The episode ends with Eve arriving on the island as everything is unfolding. Gunn spots her, tackles her, and slits her throat by turning her head. Just before this happens, the episode fades to black.

It’s difficult to predict what will happen in the season finale.  We wouldn’t be surprised if Eve died, but I don’t believe Gunn would be the one to kill her. Villanelle will save Eve while killing Gunn, and the two will make it to The Twelve’s gathering. If Eve doesn’t die, Villanelle’s death would come as no surprise to me.

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