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In the previous episode 2 of Killing Eve, Villanelle resumed her violent habits, murdering her new friend May and her father with a tent spike after overhearing them refer to her as “the devil.” Meanwhile, Eve tracked down Hélène, a member of The Twelve, at her Paris home, where Eve offered to make her dinner. Hélène drank the blood from Eve’s hand after she cut her hand on a knife, then pressed Eve’s hand on a stove burner and turned it on, demanding to know what she was wanting. (Read the recap below.) Now let’s move ahead. Fans are now eager to discover more about the next episode of Killing Eve. To more about Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 3, all of the information, including the promo and release date, can be found at (

Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 6 Release Date

Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 5 Recap

“A Rainbow In Beige Boots” is the title of the third episode. According to the synopsis, Eve will discover a name in The Twelve’s top tier after pursuing Helene with a new lead. Villanelle will turn to Eve for assistance, but she will be turned down. Carolyn, who is working in another country, will make great progress in the meanwhile. She’ll learn more juicy details about a string of heinous murders tied to The Twelve. Villanelle will continue her search for help despite Eve’s rejection. Her search will bring her to another well-known face.check out the promo below.

Killing Eve Season 4, Episode 3 Synopsis:  Having stalked Helene, a new lead allows Eve to uncover a name in The Twelve’s top tier; Villanelle is rejected by Eve when she seeks help; operating abroad, Carolyn discovers more promising intel on a spate of torturous murders linked to The Twelve.

‘Killing Eve’ Season 4 Episode 3 Release Date

Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 3 will air on BBC America on March 13 at 8 p.m. in the United States. Killing Eve Season 403 is available on March 14 on AMC at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.  Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 3 will available on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on 14th March 2022. AMC+ subscribers get access to episodes a week early, so you can watch Killing Eve online (with the exception of the first two episodes and the finale).

How to Watch Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 3 Online?

If you have a cable subscription, you may watch season four of Killing Eve by logging onto BBC America’s website with your TV provider account. BBC America is available on live TV streaming services such as DirecTV Stream, FuboTV, Hulu with Live TV, Philo ($25 and up monthly), Sling TV, or YouTube TV ($65 and up monthly) for those who prefer to watch without cable.

‘Killing Eve’ Finale Season 4 Episode 2 Recap

The second episode begins at the Tower of London with a tourist reenactment of mediaeval torture. Hélène and her small daughter are in attendance, enjoying ice cream cones. While Hélène is preoccupied on her date, Eve scoots over to the elevator and puts the tampon tracker inside her purse. Meanwhile, Villanelle is on a camping trip with her fellow parishioners, of all places. She continues to clench her teeth in her newfound faith and walk down the path to salvation. Villanelle was placed in a tent separate from his daughter May on purpose, much to Villanelle’s chagrin. Eve aggressively scans through photographs of Villanelle conducting various types of charity work on her church’s website back at her hotel. Yusuf enters to tell her that the tampon tracker has discovered Hélène’s residence in Paris, interrupting her cyber-stalking. Eve stops to feed the fish in her hotel lobby on her way to get a second opinion on what she should do next. When May whisks Villanelle away to the woods, she is overjoyed.

Jesus also shows to be a good wingman, encouraging her to reclaim May. Villanelle, on the other hand, would rather spin with her divine vision than spend time with May. Eve continues on her revenge mission and encounters a man who works with severely disturbed persons on the way to recovery and reintegration into society. He urges Eve to be cautious on her risky and covert assignment, then inquires about Villanelle. Back at the campsite, Phil continues to show his contempt towards Villanelle. May confides in Villanelle about her father’s hypocrisy and reveals an unpleasant truth about the vicar. Carolyn settles into her new life at the Moscow safe house, only to find a rat in her closet. Eve stated that she wished to confront Hélène at her residence. She not only pays her a visit, but she also brings groceries and offers to make her dinner. Eve is greeted by a curious Hélène, who is clutching the tampon. Hélène informs Eve calmly that she, too, wants to bring down the Twelve, and that she has been the mastermind behind their killings.

Hélène interrupts their strangely intimate moment by presenting Eve as her friend, interrupting their strangely intimate moment. Villanelle overhears May telling Phil that he was right about Villanelle, and that she can’t comprehend how anyone could love her back at the depressing campsite. That won’t stop our favourite new Christian from yanking the tent stake from the ground and hacking the father and daughter to death. Villanelle clutches Jesus’ neck with her bloodied hand, whacks Him with a frying pan, kisses Him, and then crucifies Him to the ground, both shocked and energised. She walks away dazed, despite Jesus’ sarcasm and exhortation to “complete the job.”

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