Is There a Post-Credit Scene in “Pearl” Movie?

MaXXXine- X Movie

Is There a Post-Credit Scene in “Pearl”?The second film in Ti West’s intended trilogy is titled, Pearl. The first movie, X, was based in the 1970s and followed a group of young adults who rented a barn on a dilapidated farm in order to make a pornographic movie. They anticipate using this movie to gain fame. Pearl, the farm’s elderly owner, regrettably has no patience for the children playing on her land. They’re making their dreams of stardom come true because they’re young, and pretty, and not because they’re involved in pornography. A post-credit scene that served as a promo for an unnamed, unreleased prequel movie called Pearl was a pleasant surprise in X. The audience was surprised by this film, which was secretly made right after X.

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Is There a Scene After the End Credits in “Pearl?”

Well… sort of. At the end of Pearl, there is a scene after the credits that promote the third movie in the series, MaXXXine. But the scene after the credits is nothing we haven’t seen before. This teaser went online a week ago, and you can watch it right here. So, you don’t have to stay until the very end of the credits. Also, Pearl’s ending credits aren’t like most modern scrolls. The names of the people in the movie are written across the screen on separate cards, and an orchestra plays in the background. Plus, Mia Goth’s Pearl ends with a huge, over-the-top smile that she holds for a long time as the credits roll. The smile is so big, so long, and so fake that she starts to cry, but she tries to keep it together. Even if it doesn’t do anything else, it’s fun to watch.

“The film follows Maxine (Mia Goth), after the events of X, as the sole survivor who continues her journey towards fame setting out to make it as an actress in 1980’s Los Angeles,” reads the synopsis. On September 16, it is slated to hit theatres.

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