Is [Netflix] XO, Kitty Based on a True Story?

Is XO, Kitty based on a book? – Introducing ‘XO, Kitty’, the romantic comedy spin-off series of the beloved ‘To All the Boys’ film franchise, now streaming on Netflix. A 10-part series centered on Our protagonist is none other than 16-year Kitty Song Covey (Anna Cathcart), who is the younger sibling of Lara Jean (Lana Condor). She secretly enrolls at the Korean Independent School of Seoul (KISS), her mother’s alma mater where she sets her sights on her pen-pal boyfriend (Minyeong Choi). Kitty has to deal with the problems of the rich and overachieving students at KISS while being caught up in love triangles and other misfortunes throughout the series.  Is  XO, Kitty Based on a True Story?  tvacute investigated the same.

What Book is XO, Kitty Based On?

This spin-off series, derived from the popular To All the Boys film franchise, is a groundbreaking addition to Netflix’s original programming. The show ‘XO, Kitty’ is a work of fiction and is not based on a true story. This is a Jenny Han original. After the triumph of the ‘To All the Boys’ cinematic franchise, Netflix was eager to delve into another tale situated within the same universe. It’s the first time the streaming giant has created a television series based on one of its own original films. The writers decided to shift their focus away from Lara Jean and Peter’s love story and onto a new and exciting character – Kitty. In the same string of the narrative, Han approached Kitty’s story with the same care and attention as she would with her literary works.

Co-showrunners Sascha Rothchild told to Tudum, I totally agree. XO, Kitty takes place in the same universe as To All the Boys, but it’s very much its own world. So fresh audiences can love it and then go back and watch the movies and read the books if they want.

Creator Jenny Han told to Tudum XO, Kitty is definitely its own thing. You could enter into this story just starting with XO, Kitty and be on Kitty’s journey as if you’re meeting her for the first time. She’s the big fish in a small pond, [and] she thinks she knows it all in Portland. Then she has a rude awakening when she’s put in a new place like Seoul. That’s very relatable and universal.

Kitty is the younger sister of Lara Jean (Lana Condor) and Margot (Janel Parrish), and is the one responsible for introducing Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo). Fans of the original series are probably hoping to see Peter and Lara Jean pop up in the new Netflix show XO, Kitty, but they won’t.

Creator Han spoke, We all fell so deeply in love with Lara Jean and her story. So it felt like the greatest gift to give to Kitty was to let her as a character kind of set off on her own two feet and not put her in the shadow of either of her sisters. And Lana and Noah are both off and doing big things. The whole To All the Boys family couldn’t be more proud of them and excited for all the things that come next. We’re all excited to see Anna [Cathcart] really pick up the mantle and continue Kitty’s story.

Kitty, who is well-known for her matchmaking abilities, frequently offers assistance to her friends in their search for love. Meanwhile, she stays at KISS to get a sense of her late mother’s presence and to investigate what secrets Jin may be keeping, which may involve a love triangle with Professor Alex and Professor Lee.

Like the “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” series, “XO, Kitty” appears to be a feel-good teen-oriented show that combines romantic and comedic themes with a dose of cultural discovery. Anna Cathcart delivers a captivating performance as she takes on the mantle of Kitty’s character, driving the story forward with great enthusiasm. Each episode of the show lasts about 30 minutes and features humorous and engaging topics.

The puzzles and their solutions are frequently revealed swiftly, and the show keeps its light, positive tone throughout. Even though it’s not high-quality television, the show’s lovely ensemble and focus on young love and coming of age make it worth watching for adults. Taking everything into consideration, it can be stated that ‘XO, Kitty’ portrays genuine adolescent challenges concerning love and life, even though it is not inspired by a true story.

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