Is Japril back together in Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Finale?

Is Japril back together in Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Finale?

Grey’s Anatomy has aired 400 episodes, with two-hour. The destiny of Grey Sloan’s residency program was decided in Season 18’s action-packed finale, which saw “Japril” return, Meredith’s plan to transfer to Minnesota questioned again, and Owen’s well-intentioned secret comes back to haunt him. But the burning question in Grey’s Anatomy season 18 finale; Is Jackson and April back together? how it all turns out. read below.

Jackson was giving Catherine a eulogy. By doing it in front of her, April, and Harriet, he was amusing his mother, who was still alive and well. When it came time for Kepner to laud her ex-mother-in-law, Jackson excused himself to try to persuade Jamarah to stay in the residency program.. Jamarah was even curious about Jackson’s secrets. Miranda noticed that no one was covering the pit when April went into the physicians’ lounge during Bailey’s rage at Owen and Teddy. Amelia vented about her breakup with Kai when April was giving blood. She hadn’t fallen in love; she’d just found herself in the company of her now-ex. ‘Cause love can come back around,’ April explained. Jackson approached Mer and asked if she wanted to stay. Bailey then approached, revealing her impending departure with no notice. she said as she handed Mer the keys to the chief’s office. Jackson, desperate, offered Mer a raise, the title of the interim head, and the night to consider his options. Jackson and April kissed on the elevator alone which only adds to our excitement for them. They were reunited once more. 

Is there a “Japril” 2.0? Will we be able to see more of their lives in the future? We think a spin-off might be fun, but we’re okay with this being the final chapter. After all, it’s what everyone has been wishing for! We needed the Japril moment tonight since there was so much turmoil! How will the writers make up for what they’ve done to Bailey, Teddy, Owen, and others?

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